Green Twitter Guide

This is a work in progress so bare with us.

Green Twitter Guide

FAQs For New Tweeple...

1.  What the heck is Twitter?

Twitter is a social network that allows you to communicate in realtime with 140 character messages.  Out of the millions of users you choose who you follow.  When you follow someone you see their updates, and your followers see yours.  It is used in a number of ways like keeping up to date with friends and family, providing customer service to customers, business collaboration, marketing, mobilizing activist movements, following your favorite celeb, wasting time at work... and there are new uses discovered everyday.

2.  What does the @ symbol mean infront of peoples names in some tweets?

This has two meanings, one inside twitter and one outside:

  1. The @ symbol is a way of directing a message directly at someone called an @reply.  These messages are seen by the public like regular tweets but these are given more attention.  They show up in the regular twitter stream of message and in that person's @reply stream, where they can see all the messages that reference them.
  2. When viewed outside twitter, like on someones website, the @ symbol is used to signify a twitter name.  For example if I were to write about our twitter name I would write it @greenupgrader even though our actual Twitter user name is greenupgrader.

When using the @reply make sure that the @ symbol proceeds the tag without any space like @greenupgrader  not @ greenupgrader.

3.  What does RT mean?

RT means "Retweet" and it's used to signify that you are tweeting out someone else's tweet that you thought was interesting.  To retweet someones tweet simply start the tweet with RT, then a space, then an @username of the original tweeter, and then the tweet.  Here's a random example of a retweet employing the RT:


an example of a retweet (RT)

Sometime's you'll need to edit the tweet a bit to make it short enough by taking out extraneous words or changing words like and to &.  Also a tweet may be retweeted several times over and in this case it is only necesarry to put the RT at the front, then list the @usernames after that...

RT @mattgup @greenupgrader Did you hear?  Al Gore invented the internet!

In this case you can see this was originally retweeted by @greenupgrader then by @mattgup and then by whoever is retweeting it now.

Final note on retweeting, some people choose not to use RT and instead just repost the tweet and at the end put (via @username)...

Did you hear?  Al Gore invented the internet! (via @greenupgrader)

4.  What does the # symbol mean?

The # (or hashtag) is a way of signifying a topic.  For example a common hashtag is #green.  People sometimes add the #green hashtag to their tweets when they are tweeting about a green issue.  For example here's the same tweet from the previous example that employs the hashtag:

a tweet employing a # (hashtag)

a tweet employing a # (hashtag)

The good thing about the hash tag is that it makes the tag a link.  When you click on a hashtag it links to a Twitter search of all the tweets using that tag.  Just like the @reply, make sure the # symbol proceeds the tag without any space like #green not # green.

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