About Our Ads

Did you see an ad for chemical fertilizer or some terrible, mass-produced junk food and wonder what the heck it's doing on a green living site? Here's the skinny.

Running a website, paying our writers, and hiring tech support when we need it costs money, and ads help keep Green Upgrader afloat and keep it free. Unfortunately, the majority of our ads come from Google, and we don't have much control over what ads they serve. It's a bummer, but remember that it's kind of hilarious that the same companies we encourage you to avoid are sometimes paying to keep our site up and running.

Not enjoying the irony? Sponsor us!

We're always happy to talk to folks about site sponsorships from individuals and from advertisers who fit into our sustainable living ideals. If you'd like to sponsor the site, hit us up through our contact page, and we can talk rates, ad spaces, and options. We'd love to work with you!