• B

    They sell these for about $10 Australian dollars at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. They’ve been around for about a year as far as I am aware of.

  • Bunny

    Geez…Why not tell people how to make their own instead of just posting up expensive links for people to waste their money on.

    Because god forbid anybody ‘goes green’ by yanno, using their OWN leftover materials…Lets all go out and drop $40 on designer trash everybody! Just throw your own stuff away, okay? =D

  • R

    If you look at the black and white clutch close up, you can see that the words are repetitive. I doubt the material used to make these handbags are recycled…

  • buttons

    hey yea,
    i would like to know how to make my own… ive been saving wrappers ever since i saw a lady with one (bought probs)

  • becca

    hey u guys i found a site thats perfect:

  • becca

    i think they’re monitoring what we comment-i know how to make them and i commented, but they didn’t post it.

  • http://greenupgrader.com Doug

    Feel free to comment on how to make them, we only censor obscene language and spam. If you have clear directions and a picture of your results we could even do a how-to post.

    If there is a technical issue with posting I could talk to Matt about it, in the meantime comments should post as long as the name and email fields are populated.


  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt

    Hi Becca,

    Your comment was posted yesterday. Anything that has a link gets held for moderation and sometimes gets stuck in our spam filter, but I approved your comment yesterday. Did you leave another one besides the one to the blogspot article?

  • no name

    where do you get the handles