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  • http://leeannbembenek.weebly.com LeeAnn

    This same guy, and his family owned “Neumann Homes” a couple of years ago, which went bankrupt, didn’t pay any of their subcontractors and left new homeowners with liens on their homes. (Racine, Kenosha Counties in WI as well as Antioch IL) They left a lot of vacant, half-built homes all over the area. Real eyesores and lots of angry villages and people. I wouldn’t trust this company to build anything for me, green or not.

  • CounterLeeAnn

    LeeAnn, your statement is not true. Mark Neumann did not own “Neumann Homes” – that was a different Neumann from the Chicago area. If you’re going to publicly smear someone, do a bit of research like I did – the correct information is all over the internet.

    • http://leeannbembenek.weebly.com LeeAnn

      It was definitely his family. He and his family have always been involved in building homes. It doesn’t matter that the company was based in nearby Illinois. Here is just one of the links explaining his association. One of the subdivisions is even named after his mother in law. For political reasons he may have stepped back from that enterprise as it began going down, but he founded that company and was involved in it, and they hurt a lot of people with their bankruptcy.


      And you’re right, correct information is all over the internet.

      Meanwhile, I have regretted my comment for this reason…….people deserve a second chance at things.
      A lot of builders really suffered the past couple of years, not just Neumann Homes. And we do need green homes. I really do wish him and the company every success.

  • Heather Hampton

    This is GREAT, but, can they make one that is not dog-butt ugly??? Crap design is also killing this planet.

    • Rayman

      this house is decent looking enough for many. There is a limit to costs/recources and would increase the cost of the structure/ownership. I would buy this house. WE all need to start looking at what benefits most of us not just ourselves. This type of thinking is making our nation/culture unaffordable.

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  • Holly

    Unfortunately in todays economy not very many people will be able to afford an
    eco-home and are stuck in there energy wasting traditional homes.