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  • http://glueandglitter.com Becky

    I’m totally with you….refusing to fill disposable bottles and only giving the free refills to folks who paid $10 for the fancy keepsake seems a little counterproductive. I love that it’s a step in the right direction, though!

  • Leigh

    Perhaps you and I were at different festival’s but I didn’t spend more then 5 minutes in line to fill up my water bottle at Festival 8 (and I had to buy a $25 bottle since the $10 were sold out at the time I bought mine). I also saw at every stand I went to filling up plastic disposable bottles for anyone that brought one. I think its great to give suggestions, but don’t paint such a bad picture of something that is so positive and please double check your facts in the future.

    • Nick Chambers

      Leigh, is there really any need to be snarky :) Perhaps you’re the lucky type? Every line I was in, with the exception of the one time I went to get water during the middle of one of the late sets, I had to wait at least 15 minutes. When I went to get water during the day, the lines were at least 30 minutes long. When I went to get water during the acoustic set, I had to wait 40 minutes. I went to 5 different water sites over the course of the weekend. When I was in line during the acoustic set, I had a conversation with 6 other people who also said they had waited a long time in the water lines over the course of the weekend. During that conversation all of those people had also experienced or seen people not being allowed to refill their disposable water bottles for the $1 price. I did hear from other people that there was some variability in how the water staff dealt with refilling non-collector reusable water bottles and that some folks were charged a buck while others were allowed to fill for free. I never saw anyone being allowed to fill up plastic disposable bottles for the $1 price, and based on my conversations with others in the lines that seemed to be a running concern. Maybe you were the one who experienced the exception? It seems that there was indeed a large amount of variability in the way the situation was dealt with at the different water lines and with different staff—which in and of itself is a problem with the system.

  • Andrea Sue

    I bought the $10 bottle and was only able to fill up once. The next time i tried, they gave me a 12oz disposable bottle because they said they had run out. IRRITATING!!! and in 90 degree weather, it is silly to charge a bunch of people for water who are drinking booze and participating in other dehydrating activities. i don’t see how charging for the water decreased waste.

    but luckily, that was my only complaint about the weekend. hot damn i’m still smiling over it all!

    • Nick Chambers

      I couldn’t agree more about the still smiling part! Was a great fest. I hadn’t heard about them running out of water, but clearly the logistical kinks need to be worked out.