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  • http://smells-delicious.blogspot.com Lily

    I love essential oils! I use lavender and tea tree oil in my homemade all-purpose cleaning spray. The combination smells fresh without being overly medicinal (as I find tea tree oil to be on its own). They also both have antibacterial properties and are two of the more widely available and inexpensive essential oils.

    Also, if you take prescription satins or any other drug that warns you not to ingest grapefruit while using it, you should avoid grapefruit essential oil for the same reason.

    • http://glueandglitter.com/ Becky Striepe

      Oooh yes! I love lavender and tea tree together. Good one!

      Thanks for the tip about grapefruit!

    • Dena May

      grapefruit effects the way your body metabolizes certain medications (mostly high blood pressure) . other citrus is fine though.

  • http://mamalovesoils.com Copiaba

    It seems like we run out of Thieves and Lemon oil the fastest in our house. They definitely get the most use. Anybody else using Copiaba? That’s another great one.

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