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  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

    Uh oh, a friend of mine is reporting problems threading the wick through the coupling.

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      Nevermind I think she had the wrong part. I’m going to have to chip down and give this a shot this weekend.

    • joe

      What happens if it falls on the porch. Would it ignite like a maltov cocktail?

      • Zero34

        that’s why you gotta make sure you fasten the copper coupling well enough, it shouldn’t slip through that, if so then the coupling is either too big or the bottle neck is too skinny.

  • GG

    I find it rather strange for a green-blog to promote an ‘upcycled product’ that is close to useless and uses fosil fuel as energysource. Sure it is cute and very hippy. and doesnt use much fuel, but then again, how much do these few ‘upcycled bottles’ actually add to greening the world. Isnt it better to use this potentionally very valuable material to good use on a large scale?

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      We passionately promote the concept of creative reuse and DIY. Sure there are greener paths to take. Not buying wine in the first place and not using lamps and not owning a home would be greener, but if someone is planning on putting some torches or lamps on their deck, this DIY is a greenER and more rewarding alternative to going to home depot and buying some cheap tiki torches.

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  • http://www.peopledetailsusa.com People Finder

    I find it rather strange for a green-blog to promote an ‘upcycled product’ that is close to useless and uses fosil fuel as energysource. Sure it is cute and very hippy. and doesnt use much fuel, but then again, how much do these few ‘upcycled bottles’ actually add to greening the world.

  • http://www.freebies365.co.uk UK Freebies

    This is really a nice project which you share. It is really very interesting. Your ideas are truly amazing. I like your work and very impressed with that.

  • george

    well i’ll tell you what.. i wouldnt call it upcycled but i will say this is a brilliant idea and it waaay better than just throwing the bottle away so it can spend forever in a landfill which is what most people do with discarded bottles

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      Yeah, in the strictest (industrial) definition of the word, you are right, this is not really upcycled, however I believe the word, through popular use, has adopted the meaning “reused in a way that has a higher intrinsic value than originally intended.” A glass bottle is a disposable container that is going to require a significant amount of energy to reclaim and reuse the raw glass. By turning it from a disposable container into a lamp that serves a functional purpose not only are you saving it from the landfill and saving the energy necessary to recycle it, you are preventing the consumption of more resources (assuming you would have gone a bought a lamp had you not been able to make one). The permanence and utility of the lamp give it more of an intrinsic value than it had as a container.

      It is a pet peeve of mine when people use the word upcycle to define any “repurposing” especially when the repurposing is actually an example of downcycling. We are actually guilty of doing that on occasion here at gUP but no ones perfect ;)

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    Its the 1st time i am on your site and i would like to congratulate you for the big effort you are doing to write such excellent posts.

  • http://www.solartronenergy.com/ solar hot water

    Awesome wine bottle tiki torches! I’ve been looking for a good wine bottle DIY for the garden!

  • Ravyk

    Thanks for these! They’ll be perfect lighting for our wedding reception.

  • http://www.learnerlegal.com 500cc Scooters

    Looks fantastic! I’m struggling to find some of the parts to make my own, but will definitely get there in the end even if I have to import them. For those who live in the UK and have made this, where did you get the parts from (except the wine!). Thanks

  • http://www.mysteryshopperjobs.co.uk Mystery Shopping

    To the commenter above, you’ll find the parts at your local B&Q, Homebase or local small hardware shop. Hope this helps and good luck – the lamp is a great talking point :-)

  • http://reviewbrandibelle.com/ brandi belle

    Hey, sweet idea! You just gave me an excellent idea for next years summer. I love your wine bottles color. Would you happen to know which type of wine that is so I can get that exact color ? lol thanks

    Ps: does the bottom become hot or can it explode?

  • Ria

    Dear sir/madam

    As part of my GCSE ICT project, I was looking on your website for upcycled products and I saw your wine bottle lamp shade

    As part of my controlled assessment I have to research three upcycled products

    I would like your permission to use your idea and of course I will credit your website.

    Pleas let me know whther i will be able to do this


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