• http://www.seppo.net/e/ Seppo

    Nice idea. With camera it is also possible to “scan” larger images with one click. One option to hold the camera is to use a tripod.

  • http://glueandglitter.com Becky

    Oo nice work! If you cropped that “scan” in photoshop or picnic, folks might never know it was a photo.

  • http://greenairradio.com Greenpointer

    YES! Finally something I can use to take shots of my vinyl sleeves when I make the digi convert.

    LOVE the new look of the site too! GREAT JOB!

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  • http://www.planet-zix.se Samantha Carter

    Nice post, intresting read. Keep posting and I’ll come back for some more reading! Thanks!

  • nivc


  • Sandeep Thukral

    This is perhaps the simplest one I have found. The one with the corrugated board and not the coathangers. Will try it onceI can find good samples of corrugated paper and re-design for my camera (mine will need only 11 inches height for scanning A4 paper)

  • NuMoo