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    Parabéns pelo site e por se preocuparem com nosso planeta, muito legal essa idéia de substituir as mbalagens descart´vesi por maneiras diferentes e originais de utilizar o tecido como embalagens.
    Se permitirem vou postar no meu blog as idéias que utilizam o origami.

  • Sima

    Great video, I love this! What a chic and earth friendly alternative to wrapping and carrying things. The japanese rock and so do you Green Upgrader!

  • Carissa

    I love this idea. Does anyone know, or have a guess as to how big that shawl is?

  • Admin

    Hi Carissa,

    Yes we used a 36″ x 36″ piece of fabric. I guess we should have put that in the post :)



  • Beverly

    Can I print copies of your instructions???

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  • http://Thanks Rick Reynolds

    Good stuff and I’ll try to do my part to see that the idea spreads! Just say no to plastic bags and wrapping junk!

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  • Mariela Morales

    Oh my god! I just love it !!!!! really it´s a economical and green way to be fashion!!