• http://LovingNaturesGarden.com Alison Kerr

    Have you found a good definition of what a local business is? I’d really like to understand this better.

    You can answer me on Twitter if that is easier @alisonkerr

  • http://apolloscred.blogspot.com Che Steadman

    Fascinating… and it looks like these ideas are really catching on.

    trackback: http://apolloscred.blogspot.com/2009/07/defining-local-from-thomas-keller-to.html

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  • http://glueandglitter.com Becky

    Of course, I totally love this! You could make a similar argument for buying handmade vs. big box stores.

  • Stuart

    This is not a good model. It doesn’t take into account the money that comes IN to a community when large businesses owned by outsiders becomes established. These companies provide jobs, health insurance, general savings, etc. Basically, your said $100 will go further if unsustainable means are used.

    I am 100% in favor of going local, being a vegetarian, and cutting down on unnecessary waste (monetary or otherwise) – this model just doesn’t take into account some factors that should be when discussing this issue.

    • Kate

      I highly recommend reading “Big Box Swindle” by Stacy Mitchell. You’ll see that people in a community don’t suddenly have more money to spend when a big business comes into town. They divert the money they may have been spending at a local business to the big box store. These stores pay less, often only provide part-time jobs with no benefits and send money out of the community. Local businesses end up closing because they can’t compete, so the “job growth” isn’t actually happening in the long run. Shopping at a local store keeps more money circulating in the local economy and helps keep better paying jobs.

  • http://www.aafter.com paula

    Good point. On a less altruistic note, you get the benefit of easy exchanges and actually feeling the product before you buy it. What can possibly beat that?
    On a more sentimental one, I like to smell the baking bread at a local bakery and listen to carols being played on the music system at Christmas when I go shopping at a local store. I wouldn’t give that up for anything! If I have a choice (and I don’t in most cases, what with my job), I prefer local store shopping!

  • http://www.shopperitems.com sam

    Very Nice Post.. I must say. Though I feel that There are Pros and Cons. of Everything in the world…

    However, Promoting Local Businesses … In a Way Decentralisation…. is a Good thing for any Country/Region.

    If Local businesses can Cater for the Needs of Local Population in Terms of Quality and Quantity … Its Good … Otherwise Again People will move to Bigger Marketplaces…. Its Sad But True that This Happens More Often.


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  • http://www.seawstory.com seawstory

    but there are quite compelling reason for us to look exactly like part of Goa. These 10 reasons will not apply to India, but for most of the premise seems to make much

  • http://www.fanpanx.com/ ดูหนังโป๊ออนไลน์

    [...] way of the Green Upgrader, we’re introduced to 10 reasons shopping locally is a good idea. And who’s not a sucker [...]

  • Erin B

    I learned that Non Profits Receive Greater Support. <3 Neat article!

  • Ann

    what if local sucks?? I try but……

  • Norm

    Wow, wow, wow. I shop local, but not for most of the popular (and mostly erroneous) reasons listed in this ‘article’. The problem with too many people expressing pop media opinions is that they have no econ or acct knowledge. Thus, savvy people discount the “shop local” hype as frivolous and inconsequential, thereby harming the very movement they wish to support. Go ahead and shop local…but do it for the right reasons and don’t promote the wrong reasons. Wish I had more time and space…I would reflect on the statements made. Go ahead, ask a local economics teacher at the community college or university. You might be surprised. Here is a teaser….if you are lucky enough to have an independent local bookstore, ask them how much of the product they sell they bought from local publishers, distributors, printers, or authors. How much of their insurance is paid for by strictly local companies (not branches). How much of their utilities originated locally?. Think about it.

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  • http://www.18upclub.com/index.php?board=25.0 คลิปหลุดทางบ้าน

    I highly recommend reading the “Big Box Swindle” by Stacy Mitchell. You will see that people in a society suddenly have more money to spend, when a big company comes into town. They divert money that could be spent at a local shop at big box. These stores pay less, often only provide part-time, without benefit of the community and send money.

  • http://www.18upclub.com/index.php?board=19.0 ภาพหลุดทางบ้าน

    Good point. On a less altruistic note, you get the benefit of easy exchanges and actually feeling the product before you buy it.

  • http://ครีมมะขามพะเยา.com nat


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  • http://www.facebook.com/robtinbc Robert J Turner

    What about your web hosting company.   Your not buying local,  they are in Chicago and you are in Hygiene, Colorado


  • http://www.hypenotic.com/ Barry A. Martin

    Is it just me or, is the book to Michael’s book not working?

    Also, we illustrated a list of stats a few months ago that focus on Ontario, but dig into some ideas that might offer insight just about anywhere in NA.