These look so much classier than foam core boards!

  • http://ChampionshipCircle.com Kimberly Edwards

    I am Green & I love sports!!! Great looking boards!!! Surfing is one of my favorite pastimes, but I don’t get to go a lot at all…

    I’ve been boogie boarding here in Ontario in the summers, as we don’t really get waves big enough…Fun anyway!!!


    Kimberly Edwards ;D

  • http://www.evergreenknives.com Buck

    I agree Tegan. These would actually look nice hung on the wall. I have a feeling the guys making them would rather seem them being used of course.

  • Sandy

    These are great looking boards.

  • Spence

    I love em, but I can’t afford $2200. I could definitely buy one of those kits but I’d like to see more info on how hard it is to put together. Like a video or something.

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  • neevelpKeri

    Hello my friends :)

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  • Jon

    If you’re looking for environmental and affordable surfboards…


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