• http://www.mybuildingmaterials.net Carol

    I guess that kind of makes sense..

  • http://www.paystolivegreen.com Patrick

    HAHA. Great picture. This is a very touchy topic though and it’s not always easy to make you own compost out of human waste. It’s easier to allow a company that can better control the human waste compost than doing it on your own.

    • David

      I disagree. If you have access to any amount of yard space, then it is incredibly easy. I’ve been composting this way for four years without any difficulty at all. It takes maybe 10 minutes once a week to add to the pile and to wash the buckets. I have a small yard and my compost piles are less than 5 feet from my neighbor’s yard and 10 feet feet from a sidewalk. I have not had a single complaint about any smells.
      In other words, this is very easy.

  • Danny

    This is an outstanding concept for a portable toilet for like a camping trip. Although this is a great idea and in theory makes sense, fecal matter contains all kinds of things besides nitrogen-rich material, urea, water. All dandy as it sounds to put nitrogen and nutrients back into the soil by way of the nitrogen cycle, feces can also contain bacteria, pathogens, blood, and a plethora of hazardous material; material that could be foreign to your local environment (your backyard).

    • David

      Your comment indicates your lack of familiarity with the subject. The heat and duration of the composting process eliminates risk of anything contained in the feces. Bacteria and other pathogens are destroyed, and blood and other hazardous materials are broken down.

    • Jay

      Healthy feces totally does make sense. I’m sure if you’re trying to recycle your shit you’re eating healthy home-grown food as well.

  • David

    A flat surfaced container would work better than that milk crate. There are too many surfaces to clean on that milk crate, making it impractical for a toilet frame.

  • Atbean

    The hole should definitely be dug deeper to prevent disease– there was a big public health push back at the turn of the century to get everyone to dig outhouse pits at least 6 feet deep to prevent hook worm from spreading. (Gets in through bare feet on soil).

  • http://dprgram.net pete

    on bill mollison’s global gardener video, it shows a big container collecting all the manure, and then they connected a pipe to run all their gas needs! I was so excited to see this, because even though it creates heaps of free methane gas, it does not take away from the fertilizer use of the manure! Its amazing how useful poo can be!

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  • http://www.asspecker.com/bbs//profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=379268 Dewey Calamia

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  • Sircesare

    what about the smell?

  • litesp33d

    This looks great in principle but like most green ideas
    there are many holes in the process.

    It costs me about 2 pence to flush a toilet. For the 2 of
    us, at the most that would be 15 pence per day or about £55 per year in water
    use. However as we do some dumping
    elsewhere in practice it is less than that.

    Now where do I get and transport and store enough sawdust at
    what cost to make this a green and viable proposition. I garden and grow vegetables and have done a
    fair bit of composting. It is not as easy
    as suggested to get a compost heap to function effectively at all times and for
    most people to get one working at a temperature to ensure all human pathogens
    are killed just won’t happen. In addition
    some mug i.e. me will have to move this shit bucket for composting. One slip up
    and you have uncomposted shit somewhere you don’t want it that someone has to
    clear up. Then I have to get straw to cover this up. Which has to be purchased and transported and stored.

    Just moving and cleaning the bucket once per week will take
    about 30 mins that even at minimum wage is about £150 per year. So this is neither
    practical nor economic. I think a grey
    water solution is a better bet.

  • Lu

    Why sitting on toilet, look at the picture – squat! That is the natural human position for relief.