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  • jimmie

    I really want to try this. But just wondering, seems it might rot out pretty fast in the weather, esp. with all the dirt.

    Does anyone have experience with that?

    I have no fence area to hang it which would protect it form the rain. I like the idea lots.

    • marissa

      I would get a water resitant one or canvas, something like that would dry out quickly and the sun would kill the if any bacteria that might come from the standing water. also small clay pots in the pockets.

  • http://www.email-sorter.com Tony – OrganizeOutlookEmail

    That is a great idea – I would never have thought of using a shoe-organizer for a vertical herb garden. This solution needs only little space (=good for my small garden), keeps most of the pest away and every plant gets enough light. Thanks for this tip.

  • http://herbgardensolutions.com Lisa

    Great post! I found it very informative, especially where you stated that it is a solution for and apartment dweller

  • http://realhomeimprovement.blogspot.com Jakk Bloggs

    Nice post and pics :)

    Around two years ago I went to China where I saw an arrangement of the most beautiful Sanctuary Gardens I have ever seen. They were absoloutey stunning – and the people were delightful. One person even let me help dig two trenches for some old timber that was going to make up a small vegetable patch :D – just making my mark in China aha.


    p.s. That vertical herb patch is wonderful.

  • http://growherbsinfo.com Nova Person

    This is one very clever idea! I love it. I also think that if you’re concerned about it looking ‘dirty’, you can dye the shoe organizer first with a dark color. Unfortunately, I think this is only for herbs with long stem. But they sure looks neat =) Thanks for sharing!

  • http://adventuresinbliss.blogspot.com/ Eliza28

    I tried this in May but by the end of the season the shoe holder had rotted out, also you have to be sure to water on a regular basis since it dries out pretty fast. But it looked good while it lasted and made a great view blocker.

  • http://www.herbgardeningplace.com/ Tim Adam

    This is a very creative idea. I tried this and it greatly improved my herb garden at home. Learn more herb gardening, its very very fun to do. :)

  • http://www.flowerparade.ca/index.html RoseBud

    That is very ingenious! Maybe someday i’ll create a garden just like that. I’ll plant many flowers in it! Thanks for the post!

  • Jenn

    I’ve been thinking about doing stuff like that for quite a while now, was also thinking of setting up canvas sacks to grow tomatoes hanging upside down.

  • Cindy

    There is beautiful vertical garden implimentation that won’t rot out – see http://www.vertical-gardens.net I have one for herb gardening.


  • http://www.cheepideas.com Katie @ Cheep Ideas

    What a great idea just in time for Spring! I’ve featured this on my website today along with several other DIY herb gardens. Thanks for the great tutorial!!!

  • http://robj98168.blogspot.com Rob

    I did this last season against my wall. OK system, tends to dry up though. My solution was to put in 16 oz cups I picked out of the garbage at the espresso shop(I have no shame- I love digging through the garbage) anf filled them with dirt after poking a drainage hole in the bottom. Wols solve Jimmie’s fear of rotting to quickly.

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  • http://www.eReplacementParts.com eReplacementParts

    This is interesting, I’ve never thought of using these shoe racks as plant holders. I wonder how they would hold up through the weather though, and if sunlight still has a good effect on them over time. Cool idea though!

  • http://www.herbalinfusions.blogspot.com Angelina Chiavini

    Wow. I really love this idea. I probably wont have to use it but its interesting! Great Job. I hopefully have a green thumb like you but I haven’t started planting anything yet. Still gathering information and putting it up on my website. Maybe I can feature this post and your invention in one of my posts? Let me know what you think.

  • http://www.pottedvegetablegarden.com/ Potted Vegetable Garden

    This looks like a really great idea, I do wander how long they will last depending on the type of material it is made from though?
    Great for small spaces, also it would work in cold area as the wall would keep your plants warmer.
    White walls would also reflect light to help growth.
    Happy Gardening
    Marty, Karin and the Potted Vegetable Garden

  • Nikki

    I made one this week & love it. I chose a plastic shoe holder rather than canvas, the only thing that might rot is the stitching.

    Hope it turns out as well as the one in the pics.


    love it!!!

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  • http://kidsfurniturebeds.net kids furniture beds

    love the way you describe here. easy to follow and look effective to me.

  • http://108beautyshop.com ลดความอ้วน

    Oh Good Job , Thank you.

    Nice to Meet you !

  • http://www.beauty4healthy.com/ วิตามิน

    I agree with great idea and a beautiful garden.
    Thank a lot for great idea.

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  • http://evacuumstore.com evacuumstore.com

    I love the idea of using a shoe organizer to grow plants. I’m gonna try this today. Thanks for the tip.

  • http://www.blessedonthenet.blogspot.com Carol O.

    There are MANY shoe organizers made out of different fabrics. I know that the plasticy ones would last but who knows if they would drain well enough. Also, you can grow micro greens in one of these to have salad all summer. :)

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  • Judy

    Such a fantastic idea!!! I put one up this past weekend filled with herbs and greens (well, at least seeds for greens) and it looks beautiful and brings so much life to a once baren space! Think even with more space, I’d still employ this idea, figure even if the organizer rots after a season, at twelve bucks, I can buy a new one every year!!

  • http://ครีมมะขามพะเยา.com ครีมมะขามพะเยา

    Oh Good Job
    Thank you.

  • http://weightlossform.com Veneta

    I just love your idea! I live in a big building and you made me dream about my own house and have the same garden.

  • Denver Dank

    I have tried both the cloth and the plastic shoe organizers. I have found that the best one is the cloth (if using soil) one for a few reasons. You don’t have to worry about cutting holes in the bottom of the plastic one. The cloth one won’t allow for over watering. Also, the roots get more oxygen with the cloth one so root-rot isn’t as big of an issue. DO NOT GET CLEAR! Light to the roots (either soil or hydroponic) promotes bacteria and fungus growth. Now, if you want to grow hydroponically the plastic one is the best. Fill the slots with with Hydroton instead of soil. Just put 4 drip lines to the top slots and the water trickles down to the bottom where your pump is (I used a long skinny planter box). Either way you choose make sure to put the plants that grow big (like tomatoes and peas) in the top slot. You can zip-tie a trellis to the shoe organizer which keeps the plant in place and growing in the direction you want. Also, put a piece of plastic (I used 2 kitchen-sized trash bags because it is pretty much the exact size) behind the shoe organizer so that you don’t stain whatever is behind the rack. Hope these tips helped!

    • Denver Dank

      I forgot to mention. WASH THE SHOE ORGANIZER BEFORE ADDING SOIL OR HYDROTON! The cloth ones come with quite a bit or starch to hold the shape of the creases. You will have a PH problem if you don’t wash it first. You can machine wash this with no problem as long as you remove the metal hooks. Air dry, don’t use the dryer…

  • Diane

    My only concern with this is the chemicals in the shoe organizer that might leech into the soil to be taken up into the plants. Something to consider for plants you’ll be eating.