• Duncan Robertson

    Wow. 40mpg. Please can websites such as this stop hyping up these ‘planet saving’ vehicles. 40mpg. So what?! Buy a diesel car can get just the same mpg, AND you won’t be polluting the planet by producing the hybrid batteries!

  • Mike Dougherty

    I’m really jealous that you got to drive this. I can’t wait to take a test drive in 2010.

  • Kevin

    Very well written article, tweeting it as we speak. Thanks for the research.

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  • Rachel

    To Whom It May Concern:

    On Monday June 22, I was loading my 7-month-old son into my 2006 Ford Fusion. When I went to shut my door, my window exploded all over my infant son. My son, horrified, began to scream. I quickly grabbed the car seat out of the car to examine him. He was covered in glass with several shards stuck in his legs. Luckily, it didn’t get into his face or eyes and he wasn’t hurt. I then proceeded to call Haag Ford in Lawrenceburg, IN; where I had purchase my vehicle new. They tried to help me the best they could but told me their hands were tied because my car was over its warranty. They told me they thought the explosion from the back window was due to heat, although I promise you I did not stick my baby in a hot car! They then told me it would cost me $700 dollars to replace the back windshield. When I explained that I was a stay- at- home- mom and my husband worked at Home Depot, they gave me the Ford Customer Service Line to contact and so I did.

    I was appalled at the service I receive through the Ford Customer Service Line. Not only could I have gotten the same response from a machine, but the man I spoke with was cold and hard to understand. He told me once again, there was nothing they could do and insisted that nobody else could solve my problem because I was over my warranty and I was expected to pay it.

    To add fuel to the fire, I got a call today from Haag. The windshield they got in for me is also broken, and they have to order me a new one. They say they won’t be able to get to my car until Friday. Lovely!

    My insurance doesn’t cover it and my husband and I have live with my parents to save on bills — we are strapped for cash. I have tried endlessly to get a job, but have had little luck in the slow economy. I need some assistance and do not believe I should have to pay for faulty craftsmanship period!

    • Swarmie

      Rachel, I agree with Jack; your car is out of warranty and unless there is a recall or a compilation of complaints for the same problem, then it’s not the dealer or ford’s responsibility. Secondly, you may want to consider asking your auto insurance co. what it would cost to insure glass repair/replacement. I have it on my cars and have been very glad that I did, because I have had 2 incidents of rocks hitting my windshield causing it to need replacement. Because I had this coverage, it was replaced w/o a deductible! My husband broke his passenger window on his BMW while mowing one day and it was covered too.

      To save money on this repair, check with an auto repair business that also uses salvage yard parts for repairs.

      Good luck

      Wasn’t your window safety glass?

  • Jack

    Hi Rachel, your comment was a little confusing. Did your door window explode or your windshield? If your car is out of warranty you cant cry about the dealer not fixing everything free. Your best bet is to call a mobile glass installer many windows you can get replaced for less than 200 bucks. Never go to the dealer for glass thats an item best handled by aftermarket. I’m just telling you from experience. Good luck.

  • http://GlobalPatriot.com Global Patriot

    While it’s a sad commentary that domestic auto makers were so late to the hybrid game, It sounds as though Ford paid attention to what customers are looking for and may very well have a success on its hands.

    • mike

      You need to bush up on your history; while Ford was not the first with a hybrid, the Ford Escape hybrid has been out since 2005 and it is a first generation type like the Toyota and Honda, i.e. they can go up to 25 mph on battery power alone.
      The latest version of the Toyota is still at 25 mph. Ford, on the other hand, made a major leap to the second generation that can go up to 47 mph on battery power alone. It does not get 50 mpg as does the Toyota–the Fusion gets 41 mpg and that is due to larger size and weight—it is a midsize rather than a compact. 5 star crash ratings; how does the Toyota rank in crash tests??

  • http://www.greenonabudget.net Robert

    I am all for hybrids and technology it brings. I still would like to see a mainstream hybrid vehicle priced in the the mid to upper $10,000 so everyone can enjoy fuel economy ranging in the 45 to 50 MPG in the city.
    I wonder why Ford does not have a Focus Hybrid? Nor does Chevy and Chrysler have their own hybrid.

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  • http://www.motoring.co.uk Clifford McCarthy@ Cheap cars

    Hybrid cars offer more than just great fuel economy, they offer many green advantages as well. Even a small increase in fuel economy makes a large difference in emissions over the life of the car. Also, in large cities were pollution is at its worst, they make an even larger difference since they produce very little emissions during.

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  • shel365

    What is the price for the hybrid battery? I have not seen anything below $3000 for a replacement. Please help. This is too high of a price for a battery.

  • Kate Johnston

    I’m really impressed with the miles per gallon that these 2010 Ford hybrids are able to get. I’ve been test driving one at the dealership here in Austin (http://www.covertford.com/) and I’ve been really impressed with the power and comfort. If anyone owns one already, does the mpg come out to what they claim?

    • chris

      The display has shown some 1 hour avg MPG of 37 MPG mixed but checking actual miles vs gallons at refill is more like 34 to 35 MPG. 3 out of 5 tankfuls checked

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  • Maria

    I own a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I have been having problems with the engine light coming on. The dealer where I bought the car from has been trying their best in correcting the problem with no success. The dealer has now called in a Ford Technician from Michigan to work on my car. I bought the car in Nov 2010 as an inventory car with only 10 miles driven. I only have owned it for one year and now I have this problem. The car runs good and normal even though the engine light comes on. I am wondering if there are other Fusion Hybrid owners who are experiencing this problem. The engine light concerns me because when I do have a real engine problem, I would not be able to tell.

    In addition to the engine light problem, my car continuously registers a phantom car on the cross traffic sensors on the side mirrors. I keep bringing the car in to have the computer adjusted. The dealership says that obstacles on the road like radars, middle medium on highway, a sign, etc can cause the sensor to malfunction temporarily. Are there other fusion hybrid owners out there who are experiencing this problem?

    Thankfully my car dealership has been very accommodating and helpful in trying their best to solve my problem. I happen to have taken a six year MPP protection plan when I bought my car, and all service calls have been covered so far.
    This is too scary. An expensive car owned for one year already experiencing these types of problems.

    • fadwa

      hi maria ‘am facing the same problem as you can you please help me if you find the solution