• http://carebagsonline.com Linda

    Those organic napkins are gorgeous! And those snack bags are a really neat idea, and very cute as well. Something I personally use at the store and in the kitchen are my Carebags–uniquely designed, extremely versatile, 100% re-usable produce and bulk food bags. Their main idea is that it’s a bag you can use to take your veggies home in, wash them in, and store in your vegetable crisper in, where they work with the crisper to create perfect storing conditions. I also use them to rinse rice, beans, and grains, sift flour when I’m baking, as a scrubber to scrub dishes with, to strain jams, jellies, and broths, and that’s just in the kitchen.

    Anyway, thank you for all these great ideas! I will definitely check out some of them to green up my kitchen a little more. :)

    • http://glueandglitter.com/ Becky Striepe

      Oh great idea! It would solve my dilemma about whether you can recycle those plastic produce bags, too! I suspect that you can’t.

      • http://carebagsonline.com Linda


        No, I know some people who reuse them as doggy bags, but they’re not recyclable, unfortunately. If you’re interested in Carebags, I ordered them off the website, carebagsonline.com. :)

    • Jacky

      Wow, that is a very cool, very green idea. :D I think I’ll check those out.

  • Meg

    Carebags are super duper. Our family has virtually given up all plastic. There are many more uses we’ve put these fabulous bags to. I urge everyone to try em.