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    I would assume that having a saltwater system in place of a traditional chlorine system would be more eco-friendly.

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      I think you will find that a salt water pool is also a chlorine pool.
      Instead of adding chlorine manually or via a dosing system a salt water chlorinator manufactures chlorine on site.
      A clever way of marketing a chlorine manufacturing machine

  • Jack

    This is awesome! How beautiful.

    There are also ways to clean your pool in the U.S. by using eco friendly cleaning products, like these:


  • http://www.justgreenhomes.com Dan

    Don’t know if I’ll ever have a pool, but if I do it will definately be a green one. Beautiful!

  • http://www.puremothers.com Pure Mothers

    I covet that pool so much! Great post.

  • casieopea

    ok..that pool may be green – but I am looking at all those thirsty water loving plants on the OUTSIDE of the pool. You have to look at the whole picture here…..if I am being green and not using chemicals – why would I plant a lush and water hogging garden around it …(if I am green… I dont think i would!!)

    just a thought.
    I love the idea of the pond/pool idea…. and I love the look of this set up…and I think that it should be the norm not the exception…
    well done!

    • marc

      you are a knuckle head. the plants filter the water to allow you the Green pool

    • joel

      Marc is right, casieopea. And for the record, lets get this right – you’re worried about the water-hoarding consumption of “lush plants”?? Really? If you want to conserve water – Um hello, DON’T BUILD A POOL.

      Classic. I’ve never heard someone argue that plants weren’t Green.

      U R silly. This pool solution is brilliant.

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    When you ask Pool fresh to provide serves you can be assured of high quality

  • http://inside-real-estate.com Theresa

    I don’t think I would swim in a green pool.

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    Hmmm. In the terms of getting rid of toxins of your pool or reduce presence of harmful chemicals, I think Enviro-Swim Ionizer System is a cool system to employ. I found this product over the net. I think the benefits of it are great, :)

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  • casieopea

    um hello. I am not talking about the water plants INSIDE the pool perimeter.
    I am talking about the plants on the outside of the pool …

    and why would I have a pool if I am green? I didnt build it, remember??

    plants may be green, but planting NON NATIVE species around that need huge amounts of water is NOT green,. ..knucklehead or not….this is logic

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