• http://chemicaloli.net Oli

    Environment just means ‘the area around you’ so not peeing on the floor does make the local envronment better ;)

  • carrie

    hahaha I love it! For the ones that have to actually clean up and the one’s that use the facility. I think you both are right in your meanings.

  • maccmann

    One word: “backsplash.” Ew. Closer means not only do you get some on yourself, but some of that some is from EVERYONE there before you.

  • doctorkory

    Thanks for that, Maccmann – nasty! Local environment means not stepping in piss and stickyness. They’ll use same cleaning products if you piss on floor or not.

  • http://roulettesecretsuncovered.com Mtrain Lewis

    I agree with the latter theory.

  • geophrye

    Alright, I’m pretty sure this actually makes sense if you think about it.

    It means if you stand closer, the automatic flush is less likely to think you already left. If you are far away and drift out of the sensor’s sight it will flush once, later it will notice you are still there and flush again when you actually leave.

    Have you never had an accidental automatic flush?

  • saja

    no its a video camera

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  • Lache

    Super funny, yet smart and useful. I agree with your green friend Greg. I am also a green guy who works at a document shredder fort lauderdale based company, and i try to save few ” leafs” every day by recycling everything from paper to cd’s.