• http://www.green-living-made-easy.com Kathy

    These are really cool! I’m always on the lookout for eco friendly products to use or give as gifts and hadn’t yet seen these. They’d also make a great give-away for corporations at trade shows.

  • James Johnson

    If they could only create a complete computer that was completely organic and ran off air as it breathed. That would be truly breathtaking but then it would be “animal” cruelty if you didn’t take the computer outside each day and take it for walks etc….. Maybe one day.

    Of course you wouldn’t have computer failure, the family computer would actually die and have a funeral I guess?

  • http://www.greenupgrader.com Paula Mitchell Bentley

    And computer viruses could reach pandemic levels!

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  • http://www.dellkid.net Frankie

    why building a usb stick case in recycled material when you can totally get rid of it, pure usb chip and plug!
    No case needed!

    • http://twitter.com/PromoKeychain Rob Wilson

      A case has shock resistant properties that add to the life of the flash drive, and protects the circuit board and data stored in memory.

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      I thought it was funny they’d spam an English site in Russian and not even leave a website!! lmao

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  • http://sklo-ua.com/okna PiratYma

    This is a drop in the ocean! It is said about the ecology, and polyethylene bags in supermarkets sold in 1000 times more!

  • http://www.c-design.com.ua Wadim

    Flash memory is a non-volatile computer storage that can be electrically erased and reprogrammed. It is a technology that is primarily used in memory cards and USB flash drives for general storage and transfer of data between computers and other digital products. It is a specific type of EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) that is erased and programmed in large blocks; in early flash the entire chip had to be erased at once. Flash memory costs far less than byte-programmable EEPROM and therefore has become the dominant technology wherever a significant amount of non-volatile, solid state storage is needed. Example applications include PDAs (personal digital assistants), laptop computers, digital audio players, digital cameras and mobile phones. It has also gained popularity in console video game hardware, where it is often used instead of EEPROMs or battery-powered static RAM (SRAM) for game save data.

  • http://www.couponfan.com/coupons/geeks.com Geeks.com Coupon

    Interesting stuff!

  • http://www.windowsdoubleglazed.org Green costs

    Great idea / green product, could open up other ideas such as green; keyboards, calculators computer mouses etc made from similar recycled products.

    Green products are the way forward and products like; solar panels, wind turbines, double glazing windows, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation can help lower carbon foot prints.

  • http://miridej.ru Вася

    Господи мне бы ваши заботы..

  • Debi

    Great!!!!, I was shocked to read in the last school newsletter that all grade 3 (8 yr old’s), have to return to school with a flash drive! (One more step towards lack of hand writing skills & creativity). These products could be an ideal way to introduce sustainability & recycling to children. Any ideas where i can buy them from at wholesale rates.

  • DancingKim

    Howdy, i’m a professional dancer. i would like to make a showreel intended for my promotions. I also wish to use some animation. Can someone suggest me a good animation studio, but possibly not very expensive? I’m here for 3 months for a tour.