• http://ecosalon.com Mike@EcoSalon

    I only managed 57 seconds.

    I’m deeply ashamed of myself.

    Also, I think I released just as much CO2 when my breath exploded out of me as if I had kept breathing the whole time. Possibly this is just me – which makes me a double eco-failure.


    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      Yeah Mike, I think you did it wrong. You weren’t supposed to let that carbon out after the minute, you were supposed to sequester it indefinitely. I actually held my breath for 2:37 so if you want to buy some carbon offsets let me know.

  • niiisss

    wow- i did 1 minute 30

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      You should sell your your extra 30s as an offset!

  • http://ecosalon.com Mike@EcoSalon

    Thanks for your kind offer, Matt, but I’ve decided to do my bit by eating charcoal for 60 seconds. That should easily offset any carbon I released in my pathetic failure of an attempt at Earth Minute.

    I’m not looking forward to it, frankly.

    But my planet needs me.

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      It was nice knowing you :(