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  • elle

    Might be a no-brainer, but don’t bother if your laptop weighs 5 lbs. or more, or has a 17″ screen. It’ll work for about an hour before the front supports start to sag. Even tried it with two separate Amazon boxes, adding an extra support, lowering the angle – the weak spots are the curved “hooks” that hold it up.

    A 17″ MacBook Pro might make it because it’s a little lighter than my old Gateway. That’s probably the upper limit on this.

    • http://williamcheah.blogspot.com williamcheah

      Finally got around to make it. My laptop is too heavy, the stand just won’t support it :/

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  • Kylie Lautner

    Wonderful idea. I originally saw this on Lifehacker.com, and decided to check it out.
    I made two of these, the first of cardboard and colored duct tape, but found that a foam poster board left over from a cancelled English project turned out to be much more efficient.
    Thanks for the idea! Saved me lots of dinero!

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    Very creative idea. This took a lot of work to design and makes sense. Heat is the enemy of laptop computers and this will help keep the computer cool and prolong it’s life.

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  • http://www.merosoch.com vaibhav dugar

    this is awesome stuff.. i made one to keep my telephone, telephone directory and pen stand..
    all from waste cardboard..



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  • pika505

    this stand doesnt work my laptop crushed it

  • dee

    It’s so sad to know that there are so many idiotic people on earth. You have to cut “against the grain”.

    Like a soft drink straw or soup can (cylinder).

    It’s what gives cardboard boxes their strength to stack on top of one another.

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  • http://www.thegreengenie.com sam avakian

    It looks good for photobooth but I couldn’t download the templates…. I am just wondering how to get the templates
    to try out….

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  • http://csasse.com Christopher

    Thanks a lot! I just finished my stand. I made some changes to gain stability and now i feel safe to put my powerbook 15″ on it. Let`s see how long this will last.


  • http://www.thelockerblog.com Oliver

    I built mine with a few extra supports (second bottom support, and a top support to keep them from caving in) and I’m planning on super gluing it all together to make it even stronger. I doubt this will last incredibly wrong, but it was a fun project none the less. :)

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    This is a wonderful idea, cost effective environment friendly also it saves lots of space and money as well.
    It’s just wonderful.

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  • http://lightingsale.com josh

    That is amazingly awesome, something I’m definitely going to try out. I’d like to see your take on indoor lighting too.

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    • http://www.greenspeakonline.com/ campy

      Amazing Idea, thanks!

  • Haywood Jablome

    If you really want to save the environment, shut up, go outside, drink tap water and don’t use a laptop. They are filled with toxic materials.

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  • http://www.paulgrantdesigns.com Paul

    While this looks cool, I’m not sure I’d trust it with 2 grand of hardware, esp knowing how slippery the base of a MacBook can be. If I can make a suggestion… Double up or tripple up the pieces, glue them together, Adjust width of notches, then assemble. Should stand up to a table bump.


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    DIY cardboard laptop stand !!! i t can hold a laptop in a better way That while watching a video it will be a better view then in nornam case….I have gone through many blogs but I found yours the most interesting…. I m looking forward for more of your work…

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