• Hardik Thakker

    Works great. It took me only about 30 mins to set it up.

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    I can suggest you one thing that if it is possible to fix a fans to the card board stand that cool down the laptop processor ….. it will be an advantage to you..

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    Please dont mind me saying like this …. i want to know how many days the card board stand can support the laptop…. how safe is the laptop with that stand …. please reply….

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    Hi This is just great. Laptop cardboard stand. Great idea. Hey I made my laptop stand with pasting two cardboads together and then cut it as you instructed. The stand is now much stronger.

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    Fantastic idea you provide here, thanks

  • Marina

    My notebook is so much heavy to this .

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      Try doubling up the cardboard. With enough layers it should hold any beast of a computer you may have.

  • Lover

    Some very interesting and insightful thoughts. I like this.^_^ because I have a blog about laptops too.

  • http://yk001nulben.blogspot.com benjamin lee

    aint too sure why u need to prop so high
    i just wanna lift the the back at a slight angle
    so that the heat can flow away…

    but i will amend the design …

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      The height is to bring the screen up to eye level so you don’t have to look down. More ergonomic.

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  • raid

    lol macs suck.

    • reesesPBC

      lol fuck you

  • Kevin W

    I first made one of cardboard, then opted to make a more long term one out of junk pieces of plywood my father had in his garage.

    The cardboard stand was “strong” enough- the tensile strength of the cardboard itself could support the weight, but the stand was moderately unstable, and I barely missed a disaster when my macbook decided to slide right off.

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    New Idea, thanks

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    Hi there, Just want to say this looks like a very nice entry model laptop stand that anyone can make to their own liking in a few minutes. I just want to share my sustainable design for a laptop stand – I’m very proud of it and I have some extra items to sell because it was a lot cheaper to make a small batch. It’s made out of bamboo wood and looks like a two piece puzzle. I’t space saving, compatible with any laptop and will look good both in the office and at home. Go check it out on my website: http://www.laptop-stand.eu Kind regards from Belgium, e*

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    How stable is it? looks iffy

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    thanks for this very nice idea

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    this idea is good but may not suitable for my laptop, thanks

  • Jan de mol

    I like so much better a portable stand like Standivarius aero. pack this one and takes 5 min. no thanks

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    What a great idea and excellent design to boot.

    I will have to give this a go,
    Now where is a card box when you want one :)

    Aaneee xxxx

  • Jim

    I just built one of these, seems sturdy enough for my needs. It ‘could’ be pushed over but I shook it pretty well with an old encyclopedia for testing and it held up.

    It took about 45 minutes to cut and build (with scissors), I would suggest using an exacto knife or even a jigsaw if you are doing multiple layers and would take less time. I also added some holes to pass wires and hide them behind the bottom piece of cardboard.

    I’m going to add a lay of modge-podge to solidify the corners and smooth out the appearance.. maybe even some paint if it finishes nicely.

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  • Greg

    Just modified this to give me 30cm (12″) of rise at the back! I added another cross-brace at the front (full rectangle from top view, but at 70degree angle from side view). Very sturdy, no wobble!

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    wow , i love is idea

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    Thanks for the tutorial. I will do it this weekend.

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    This article is very practical yo! But it did table is firm with pieces of paper?

  • Romona Lenderman

    I salute you, I genuinely really like the best way u wrote the story?- possibly you can have a look at my web web page and make several tipps. thank you upfront

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    Very nice! Thanks for posting this. We can always learn something new.

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  • Askdhaknv

    will this work with all laptops??? or do i need to change the sizes or smoething

    • http://www.facebook.com/federico.dtr Federico Peter Duratorre

       try it, no? if it does not fit, fix the sizes…

  • Adgilbert40

    would cardboard catch fire/???!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/federico.dtr Federico Peter Duratorre

      yeah, selfcombustion. yeah… over 200° degrees on the right part of your notebook. you dumbass.

  • Florence

    Hi there :) would love to make one of this, but the link to download the pattern no longer works?

    • Florence

      Just realised that it is now working again :) Thanks for the great idea and sparking some creativity!

  • http://twitter.com/gibsonsean sean gibson

    I used a similar template based on cardboard to build one out of 1/4″ mdf. See a few images here….

  • muthu

    Good idea but could be tough on your carpal tunnel. I developed carpal tunnel syndrome from prolonged use. One should get oneself a wireless/USB keyboard if one plans on using this design. Will reduce the stress in the carpal tunnel.

    • S. Marchand

      I would hope you’d noticed the last pic with a keyboard in front of the unit??

  • Hirantha

    NICE. Really good design. easy simple and quick fordable. you can disassemble it and carry any where. But I doubt it will enough strength if I use cardboard. thin mdf or similar thing will be perfect.