• http://glueandglitter.com/main Becky Striepe

    This is brilliant! BRILLIANT! It strikes me as sort of the heart of upcycling…designing a product with a second life in mind!

  • adri

    that is amazing!

  • Vasant

    Brilliant Idea.

  • Yong

    You must be key talent in the eco-design sector. This could be sold with decent reward.

  • sane people

    kinda cool idea, but it will get damaged/wet when sending and more importantly, can’t hold shit and will break…..all you over the top “environmentalists”…when ever you mention recycle and organic you’re all over it…..how about building a bowl, plate, house, etc. out of my shit, it’s organic and you’re recycling……..lame

  • http://kylefisher.com anamoos

    im with “sane people”

    this is unnecessary. just because it can be recycled, (which isn’t always a process without a footprint) doesn’t transform it into something other than a luxury.

    ( not to discredit anyone putting forth the effort to come up with ideas in the vain )

  • Mr. Candid

    Just a marketing gimmick, who uses flimsy cardboard hangers? and who hangs up their T-Shirts?

  • SparksFly

    Duh. The t-shirt is used for example. You can hang other shirts with it. At least, those of us who are open-minded enough can…

  • Mr. Candid

    Do you honestly believe that thin, flimsy piece of cardboard is going to hold up anything heavier than a t-shirt?

    It doesn’t have anything to do being open-minded and everything to do with common sense.

    Granted, it’s a novel idea, but realistically it’s not very useful.

  • http://www.hasoffers.com Peter Hamilton

    I think this is a complete waste of time and resources. I agree with Mr. Candid.

  • Blair

    Innovative thinking…but realistic? How do you ‘run out of hangers’? Once you buy them, you are pretty much set for life. I don’t need a brand new hanger for every shirt I buy..and definitely not one made out of a fancy recyclable cardboard at that.

  • Pink Floyd

    I agree, this is nothing more than some “eco-friendly” gimmick.

    The manufacturer hasn’t really done anything other than print some silly instructions on a shipping box.

  • http://www.alltheclothes.co.uk/fashion-news/ Diane

    Wow! I adore that! It’s just so cute! I’m going to have to make my own carboard hangers just to prove to myself how easy it is!
    Fantastic recycling and of course reducing waste packaging!

  • Richard

    cute!?!?….I’ve never heard a hanger refered to as being cute….LOL!

  • Raghib suleman

    Thats goods………

  • http://www.butterybearings.com skateboard bearings guy

    love it, this is one of the more practical “green” innovations i’ve seen so far. its a thinner profile than a plastic hanger, too, so you can cram more clothes on to your rackspace.

    it would be really nice if they came complimentary with a shirt in retail outlets–might even be able to get them subsidized for the retailers since they’re more eco-friendly.

  • doug

    Fucking tarded. And so is everyone that left comments that this is amazing. Just use a regular hanger. Dumbasses

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  • greg

    Another neat idea on paper, but will never be made.

  • Mark

    The Idea is great! Those complaining about it’s usefulness need to think before they speak.

    We have 3 people on this page.
    1. People who are making an effort to better the world with innovative ideas.
    2. People supporting the idea whether is the most practical or not.
    3. People that can’t seem to do anything else but be negative and derogatory.

    I commend the person who took the time to think this through. It might not be the final answer to our recycling problem but it could be the spark that motivates the person who does find a better solution.

    It’s apparent that some of us actually UNDERSTAND the phrase “you can be part of the problem or part of the solution.” I can’t see why anyone would make a negative remark about this idea.

    I know…everyone is entitled to their opinion. I agree. But it looks like someones mother failed to teach them that if they don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all. Negativity NEVER helps ANY situation and you’ll regret what you’ve said at some point in time.

    Again, I commend the person for taking the time to do this. In fact, I thank you!

  • Joe

    @ Mark
    The idea is not great, it’s a nice idea yes, but nowhere near “great”
    A box with instructions to convert it into a flimsy hanger is about a “great” idea as telling people to reuse their empty margarine tub as “recycled tupperware”

    As for your point about “if they don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all” is just plain dumb and unrealistic, do you live in the real world? it’s called constructive criticism.

  • S-bot

    I’ve never read all of the comments on a site before this! thanks for spending your time and energy entertaining me!

    p.s. the idea is half decent at best. how ’bout owning fewer shirts and taking better care of them? and who cares if they’re wrinkled anyway? suits?

  • sarah

    Have any of the people that call this flimsy even touched it? And reusing the extant materials is better than using plastic or mfging more throw away shit. If the shirt is going to come in packaging anyway, why not make it useful?

    New thought is new thought and we are in need of that right now.

  • Matt

    yes yes we do need more “new ideas” but on the other hand you have to take into consideration how seemingly obsolete this one is… granted most people do use hangers for shirts, i don’t. like S-bot said…who cares if your T shirt is wrinkled..?ITS JUST A TSHIRT…the definition of casual….

  • jan

    I must be really green as I just buy a tshirt with no packing and fold it…

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      Jan, I’ve been reading some of your comments here and it sounds like you are not even reading the posts. No where in the post does anyone claim that this is “Green” and no one, except for you is talking about how “Green” they are. furthermore it’s not a product that’s even available, it’s an idea that is worth discussing as packaging and product design have big impacts on sustainability. The point of this post, which you would know if you read it, is to highlight the concept and discuss products that serve multi-purposes. Sometimes we (some of us) can discuss ideas without labeling them or passing judgment.

      I welcome your input but I’d prefer you make constructive contributions rather than passive aggressive admonishments about this site and/or other commenters.

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  • David Buchanan

    Yes it’s clever. But people are inherently lazy and I doubt that many will be bothered to deconstruct the packaging and build a coat hanger. If I don’t have enough hangers in my wardrobe…i’ll go buy some or what the hell, I’ll fold my t-shirt and put it in a drawer.

  • Fcuk You Hypocrites

    Just because a person doesn’t agree with your views doesn’t mean that their mother didn’t do a good job raising them. In fact, I would argue that the person condemning negative comments is a hypocrite since the point of a discussion is to discuss something whether the view be positive or negative.

    What if I went back in time to protest going to war in Iraq? What would you say? Mother didn’t raise me well enough to support a great idea? Would you say, ” There are 3 [types of] people:

    1. People who are making an effort to better the world with innovative ideas.
    2. People supporting the idea whether [it] is the most practical or not.
    3. People that can’t seem to do anything else but be negative and derogatory.”?

    Well, call me ill-mannered, but not all ideas are good ones. And had more people spoken out about bad ideas in the past… like going to war with Iraq… maybe it wouldn’t have happened. So fcuk you.

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    Просто замечательно – очень интересные мысли. Разжевано специально для меня :)

  • http://Website(optional) DertDrync

    Интересно написано, я пробовал подобное делать ничего не вышло

  • http://Website(optional) Никита

    Действительно интересно. Вопрос только в том, как это будет выглядеть в будущем :)

  • http://Website(optional) Владислав Голованов

    Интересная идея. Только вот интересно сколько времени на это потрачено? :)

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    Great job, Nice idea.

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  • Steve