• http://www.mymakeupmirror.com Suzann

    What gorgeous jewelry! I’m so happy to see such beautiful things that meld with Mother Earth. Thanks for letting us know about this.

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  • ann

    Hi Greenupgrader! This Batucada jewelry is cool. I didn’t see any retail listing, so am letting you know it is for sale at http://www.brooklyn5and10.com.

  • http://bitsnpiecesofkara.blogspot.com/ Kara

    Ann, Thank you for posting that. I was scouring their site trying to find a retailer. Double bonus that I’m in Brooklyn and can stop by!

  • admin

    Hey all, we always link to a retailer if we can find one at the top where it says “UPGRADE” and the price. In this case it’s always been linked to brooklyn5and10 but maybe we need to think about moving where that is? Do you feel it’s hard to find?

  • Lauren

    I want that butterfly choker! love these pieces, they are all unique and beautiful. i wish the website had a store

  • http://www.shophitchcock.com/ Online Jewelry Store

    Wow, the pieces are indeed very pretty and best of all they’re eco-friendly.Who would’ve thought synthetic rubber could make such lovely jewelry…

  • http://www.voguetraders.com Gloria

    Woah. I love the whole ‘lacey’ look cut out look. Very nice :) Best of all it’s eco friendly.

  • http://www.pueblito.ca Mark

    If you like eco-friendly jewelry, take a look at http://www.pueblito.ca

  • http://www.missohaha.com Miss O Haha

    These jewelry pieces are tottally beautiful some are like tattoos.
    I also upcycle design jewelry.
    Mine is people who need to laugh.
    Have a look at my website not for the faint hearted.
    More upcycled jewelry please in this world we need to stop mining and causing distruction of the landscape and habitats of native people and animals.
    Thanks Miss O Haha

  • http://www.ellageorgiajewellery.co.uk Sian Foster

    Hi We have just launched a range of over 25 pieces of the Batucada collection in an array of different colours. I just love it nad wear mine all the time. ella georgia jewellery – jewellery with heart – offers a range of stylish ethically and sustainably sourced jewellery and accessories. A beautiful on line boutique showing limited edition pieces from the ella georgia collections and those of over 20 other designers from the UK and worldwide. I personally design two or three ella georgia collections a season, working with current trends and colours from the catwalk. In my own designs, or those of other talented designers, you’ll find beautiful pieces to take you from day through to evening – to enhance and complement whatever you are wearing, providing that all important finishing touch to the look you want to achieve.
    Whether you are seeking something unique and original, sleek and contemporary, classic and sophisticated, or traditional with a modern twist, we have an exciting range of stylish and affordable pieces. It’s jewellery that’s pleasurable to wear, beautiful to look at and designed to be as individual as you are. Happy browsing.

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    I just wanted to say thank you for such a great post. I’ll be visiting your blog again and adding you to my reader ! Thank you again :)

  • peggy

    Wow! These are so georgeous. i gotta have some! i love eco jewelry. They are having a great sale this month at philanthrofashion.com on all their eco jewelry. I am loading up! WIsh they carried this collection too…

  • http://www.ajewelrydir.com AjewelryFan

    Jewelry by BATUCADA is definitely unique, specially the necklace and bracelet in the first pic are adorable. Jewelry is of light weight, color selection is wide and seems like a beautiful tattoo on the body.

  • http://www.jewelrypublisher.com/ kamel

    Hello everyone,

  • Tanja

    Hello you all eco-friends!
    From now on I sell this lovely jewellery in my ebay shop:
    Prefer an other design or color: just let me know and I order it for you!
    Kind regards, Tanja

  • http://www.helzberg.com/ Ladydiamond

    Wow! what a nice jewelry I ever see. I’m sure I will be georgeous if I will wear it. This site have great collection of jewelry thanks for your information.

  • http://store.rogersjewelry.com/ storerogers

    Jewelers of America is the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry retail marketplace.

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  • Batucada

    Hello all Batucada’s eco-friends! Please take a look at batucada.com.pt and visit us on facebook.com/batucadaworld. A lot of pieces and colors – new models. Batucada doesn’t have jewelry pieces, has also sandals, please take a look.