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    I decided to have this company custom make me some of these heels using eco-friendly materials. Go to my blog (http://www.paula.thebentleys.ca/content/My-Custom-Designed-Eco-Heels) if you want to see a pic of my new heels. They are so pretty and feel at one with nature instead of diametrically opposed to it like most products are.

    Thanks so much Christa @ Stripnotize!

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    What would a female be without her high heels?

  • http://gocelebrities.com Emeline Gudmundsson

    thank you for sharing this one!

  • http://www.ecoi1start janeen swing

    I am writing you because I am developing a website called Eco1st Art.com and it will look like 1st Dibs.com. My inspiration is Jane Goodall, Ed Begley and Pierce Brosnan “who have endorsed us”to only present recycled art and objects at a very high end level. My clients would be the persons that shop at Asprey’s or Museums.

    Very candidly, I would like to present your work …..Please look at 1st dibs and let me know what you think.

    Thank you,


  • Mary Salz

    ****GREAT ARTICLE!!***** I never wore high heeled platform shoes before but my new boyfriend got me into it. It all started with a conversation on what makes women look hot in men eyes. So he mentioned stuff like lingerie, tight jeans, mini skirts but when he mentioned high heel platform mules I couldn’t believe it! I was shocked! I replied that those are wh*re shoes and by no means a decent woman would wear those on the street. So, months later, for his birthday, I asked him what he wanted as birthday present and he was bold enough to say that he wanted to have sex while I was wearing high heeled stilettos… I thought: “that happens for asking questions….” But guess what, I had the best, most loving, wild and hot sex ever!!! :D It turned him on so bad, that he kept going and going and going! Nothing seemed to be enough for him, he kept coming back for more. I couldn’t believe it!! I was missing a great sex life for not listening to my boyfriend! So now, I have a collection of 14 pairs of high heeled platform shoes, mules only as that is what he likes. I’m proud of my collection as I have the most beautiful and sexy platform shoes that include some exotic wood and cork pairs that cost a fortune as I’ve purchased them abroad. I have him begging me for more and he comes home always: no late working, no bars, no friends, no nothing but me waiting for him at home ready to please all his desires. He is an amazing, smart, hard working, gentle, sweet and unique man who has an incredible stamina in bed. We’re getting married in a few months. I can’t wait for my next pair of platform shoes as every time I bring a new pair home, he goes crazy and looses control and it’s all like the first time he saw me on platform shoes. I don’t wear my “sex shoes” on the street but I sure do wear them around the house and I most definitely wear them in bed to please him in all he wants.