• http://bathroomgurureview.com/ Green Bath Trends

    This is such a cool bath tub! I love the fact that is is eco friendly. I can just see me taking it up to the cabin. Though I like the concept, I don’t know how practical it would be to lug it into the woods. I guess it all depends how heavy the tub is and what material it is made of. In retrospect I do have visions of lounging in it with a beer and some pretty ladies (friends) in the middle of the wilderness somewhere. Who knows maybe we’ll see one of these tubs in the next Coors commercial. If so, count me in.

  • http://www.greenupgrader.com Paula Mitchell-Bentley

    The tub itself is made of a polyfiber similar to that of a sailboat. The coil is stainless steel. These make the tub pretty durable without weighing an incredible amount. The site marks the weight at approximately 165 lbs without water or people. This amount could be carried pretty comfortably between two people or one really buff one!!! Great idea about the Coors commercial, too bad about their beer though! The only real beer is Canadian!!! lol At least we do something right.

  • throom

    6500 dollers bit pricey