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    It definitely sounds like a good idea for some applications, but I’d be pretty weary of applying it on a large scale. It could wreak havoc with chemical and microbes that are naturally occurring in the environment.

    For example, bees require the fragrance molecules from flowers to travel long distances in order to undertake their vital task of pollination. They’re already been a hard time with it, and this system could make things even worse.

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    Titanium Dioxide, TiO2, is a FDA approved substance to use as food additives and cosmetics. It is widely used in, besides paint and other industrial purposes, white chocolate, toothpaste, cosmetics like facial powder, sun lotion, and cewing gums. Most likely, you are concuming TiO2 particles in daily basis. It is completely biocompatible and does not harm human body. And it is 100% recyclable.

  • Erika

    It’s true.
    In Italy Active Ceramic uses this method!
    Look here: http://www.active-ceramic.com/

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  • pranayini pattanaik

    Photocatalysis is a real green process to clean environment when the photocatalyst is second generation TiO2.But where this method is followed to purify air both indoor and out door is to be highlighted.