• http://jimmypons.com Jimmy Pons, Petrolart

    Dear Paula, Thank you very much for your words.

    Yes Like you, I do my art work because I’ve a 5 years old kid and also I want to live a better world for him too. My Regards from Spain. Jimmy Pons

  • http://greenupgrader.com/author/paula/ Paula Mitchell-Bentley

    I’m glad you liked the article Mr. Pons. I think that more people really need to sit up and start paying attention to the impact that they are having on the planet that we all share. The mess we are leaving our kids with is unforgiveable.

    Keep up the great work! My regards from Canada.

  • Christi Rolland

    You really inspire! I have 2 kids 9 and 11 years of age, and I must say I do feel I should show them how to save the earth more. Your articles are an inspiration and brings new ideas to all of us! Thank you.

    Christi Rolland

  • http://greenupgrader.com/author/paula/ Paula Mitchell Bentley

    Thanks Christi!!! I actually asked my husband if he wrote your comment incognito it was so sweet. My kids are 14 and 3. The best way to teach kids about our planet is to role model responsible living. I teach my kids that each action is a step in the right direction and all the tiny steps lead to giant leaps. I also believe in spending lots of time outdoors to develop a love of nature. Thanks again!


  • http://www.tenerife-tattle.com Julie : Tenerife

    Very inspiring Mr. Pons. You have created something beautiful out of something very ugly indeed. I have two kids too. One is 5 and one is 8. Thank you for what you do.

  • http://hubpages.com/_uq6h62db2t97/profile/Bard+of+Ely Bard of Ely

    I am very impressed with your art, Jimmy! Just wanted to let you know!

  • http://oilpaintingartisttechniques.blogspot.com/ oil painting lessons

    Renoir’s Color Mixing: “He always mixed his colors on the canvas. He was very careful to keep an impression of transparency in his picture throughout the different phases of the work … he worked on the whole surface of his canvas [and] the motif gradually emerged from the seeming confusion, with each brushstroke.” — Jean Renoir

  • http://www.eco1start janeen swing

    I am writing you because I am developing a website called Eco1st Art.com and it will look like 1st Dibs.com. My inspiration is Jane Goodall, Ed Begley and Pierce Brosnan “who have endorsed us”to only present recycled art and objects at a very high end level. My clients would be the persons that shop at Asprey’s or Museums.

    Very candidly, I would like to present your work …..Please look at 1st dibs and let me know what you think.

    Thank you,