• russ

    I grew up in Central OR so I know a bit about the state.

    All of Oregon goes to green but Portland is always tends to be on the lunatic fringe.

  • SoupSistaJen

    Thanks for mentioning this amazing company.
    I’m out there every week on my bike, delivering soup & salad to the citizens of Souplandistan, rain, shine, or otherwise.
    Jed and Shauna are awesome people with big dreams of bringing healthful, thoughtful food to everyone who’s hungry for it! Oh, and the soups are dee-licious

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  • http://www.pinarelloprince.com Brigo-Bikes-Fan

    Souper Post. Thats a cool idea I cycle everywhere would love to tie that into to some form of biz.

    • http://noneatthistime alternative health and transportation company

      you stated you would like to tie in with an innovative cargo bike mt bike delivery company that is exactly what we have spent over five years creating here in new jersey we need energic and people who undertand this concept thanks barton cohen

  • http://noneatthistimenewonebeingdesgined alternative health and transportation company

    our company delivers on cargo and high performance mt bikes made in denmark,only speciality organic teas,juices,micro brew sodas,that are pure no sugar,frustose,corn syrup,also specialty bakery products, five years and a ton of money to develop the business,we are in new jersey,anybody interested in joining us let me know asap,or if a company in oregon,wants to joint venture or roll up it could make it much easier thanks barton cohen

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