• http://www.cliffspencer.net Leigh Spencer

    So interesting. Is this similar to the idea you can microwave your sponges to disinfect them…

  • http://ecospheric.blogspot.com Beth

    It feels like it, doesn’t it? I only barely understand the science of this… except that this process has something to do with using the electricity to change the chemical make up of the salt water…. anyone else have a more sophisticated reply?

  • GL

    Not to be an ass, but they describe how it works on their website


  • GL

    From the FAQ at http://www.electrolyzercorp.com/company/FAQ.html

    What exactly is electrolyzed water?
    A. Electrolyzed water is the result of a process known as electrolyzation. Although it seems remarkable, it is fairly simple chemistry. Tap water is passed into two chambers, one with a positive electrical charge, the other with a negative charge. The total charge is between 5 and 10 volts. Saline ions are then introduced into both chambers. In the positively charged chamber, chloride ions are attracted to the positive charge and are converted to HOCL or hypochlorous acid at a Ph of about 2.5. In the negatively charged chamber, sodium ions are attracted to the negative charge and are converted into sodium hydroxide at a Ph of 11.5. The hypochlorous acid is a powerful sanitizer; the sodium hydroxide is a grease cutter and mild detergent.

    • http:ecospheric.blogspot.com Beth

      GL, thanks so much for not being an ass :) Of course, copying the “How it works” page and fully grasping how the process compares with the microwave trick Leigh was referring to are two different things. And that was the sophisticated answer I was seeking.

  • http://www.ehow.com/how_5691838_quickly-go-green-save-planet.html Quickly Go Green

    I just can’t help but think “it sounds to good to be true”. It’s great if it is but if they are changing the makeup of the water, is it safer. I’ve just never been a big fan of playing God. Nothing good ever comes out of it.