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  • http://ask.com nancy

    well i htink yall duin a pretty good job keep on doing this jajajaja

  • http://www.bathroommirrorsdirect.com/ David Mirrors

    “One heliostat from Practical Solar provides more visible light than forty 100-watt incandescent light bulbs, with the pleasant, gentle quality of sunlight, rather than the limited spectrum from a bulb.” – Wow this is awesome! This is definitely living proof that technology can work towards taking care of the environment.

    I can imagine, of course, that this costs a pretty penny. I’m interested to find out though if in the long run, the electricity saved by using solar power by day can offset the cost of setup.

  • mahatma gahndi

    i think that heliostats are rad. they make the sun all pished and stuff. LETS GET WASTER you dig?

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  • Felix Liu

    Our compnay has produced wifi and tilt inclinometer for 15 years in Shanghai, China.
    These inclinometers are used on PV and heliotat tracking system such as single-axis, dual-axis, 0~360° range.
    There are more specifications in my computer. Once you are interested, I will send them to you.

    Many solar companies, such as Juwi Solar, Scatec Solar, have chosen us as a long-term supplier.
    For example, Scatec Solar has built two PV plants in South Africa. One is in Dreuenberg, which used 535 sets of our inclinometers. The other is in Linde, which used 300 sets of our inclinometers.

    Our cost and quality are very competitive.
    If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks.