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  • http://ask.com nancy

    well i htink yall duin a pretty good job keep on doing this jajajaja

  • http://www.bathroommirrorsdirect.com/ David Mirrors

    “One heliostat from Practical Solar provides more visible light than forty 100-watt incandescent light bulbs, with the pleasant, gentle quality of sunlight, rather than the limited spectrum from a bulb.” – Wow this is awesome! This is definitely living proof that technology can work towards taking care of the environment.

    I can imagine, of course, that this costs a pretty penny. I’m interested to find out though if in the long run, the electricity saved by using solar power by day can offset the cost of setup.

  • mahatma gahndi

    i think that heliostats are rad. they make the sun all pished and stuff. LETS GET WASTER you dig?

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