• http://www.goforchange.com Debbie Smith

    Thank you for reminding us and bringing back the patch. I used to wear those on my jeans all the time. Making it creative is an added bonus. I also checked out the darning of the socks tutorial. I was talking about the lost art of sock darning just the other day with my husband! We are thinking of hanging our wash out on the line (which needs to be constructed with recycled wood, etc.) instead of using the dryer. Back to the good ole days!

  • http://www.raw-vegan.info Jess

    Im sewing right now

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  • http://dvortygirl.blogspot.com/ Dvortygirl

    Thank you for this post. One of my old, favorite pairs of jeans had sprouted a leak, and not somewhere that I could possibly chalk it up to “fashion”. They’re fixed now, and I’m wearing them. It’s not a mending job my grandmother would have approved of (she was quite skilled with the sewing machine), nor is it anything I’ll be wearing to the office. Then again, it’s not so drafty anymore, either, and they’ll have a productive second life of puttering around the garden.

    They’ll be accompanied by last year’s worn-out sneakers, which are still just fine for getting muddy so that this year’s pair stays nice-looking and presentable that much longer.

  • http://raw-vegan.info Raw Vegan

    I wish I could find time to knit more often.

  • http://sunnysidesteph.blogspot.com Stephanie

    I’ve been mending my clothes for years. It’s amazing how people cycle through perfectly good clothing just because it’s no longer in style. All of my jeans have been patched at one point or another; there’s no need to have a dozen pairs when two or three will do!!