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    • matt

      Notice how you haven’t heard anyhting about this thing sailing yet..you are going to raise awareness how…with a joke of a boat? give me a break… he had to fire the two people who knew something about what a boat is and how one sails… Then he’s like(rothschild)… “now I can take sailing lessons” excuse me..? lessons for crossing the entire pacific ocean? are you joking? Taking water samples? for whom?
      What a waste of energy this entire thing is! Let me guess… school children will be following and emailing questions….

  • http://robwallace.net Rob Wallacce

    For a movie setting or documentary this would be great. Very interesting subjectimatter

  • Barry Clarke

    I think this expedition is a grand idea and I wish the team every success in this endeavour. However I think that the fact that a S. African, Josian Heyerdahl , grandaughter of Thor Heyerdahl,( of the Kontiki expedition), is one of the team/crew on the Plastiki expedition is appropriate and historically quite significant.

  • http://www.vaka.org h.m. wyeth

    canoe builders in hawai`i and other pacific islands could benefit from Plastiki technology. Living on small patches of land out here in the middle of the Pacific, we have limited space for disposal of all the plastic bottles our people seem to find necessary. If the technology proves viable, it would both help solve our landfill problems, and provide an inexpensive way to build canoes. Keep up the good work!

  • Brian

    Keep up the good work!

    I was looking to do the same thing across the Great Lakes many years ago, you beat me to it and on a grander scale. lol

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/philmanker/sets/ Phil Manker

    I was really hoping this was going to become a reality! What’s the current status of the expedition? It still seems doable, given the right construction techniques. If the bottles used for the hull where blow-molded in a square configuration, they would have enough mating surfaces to bond with silicones, or be thermally fused together!

    • matt


  • Lost Sailor

    I bet he saved all the plastic bottles from this party for his boat. He aint goin nowhere near the pacific – This thing is going to litter the ocean with 12,000 more pcs of trash

    Are we having fun yet -


    scrowl down to see old david and his plastic fantastic

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  • Bunyip

    I’m very concerned about this voyage. If/when the boat goes down, will the Pacific be further polluted by a giant slick of mung bean husks and oily self-righteousness?

  • http://yourgardenshow.com Marin – www.YourGardenShow.com -

    we were there for the launch of the plastiki! it was very cool to see it in person…we were also really hyped up to interview them on their vertical garden, from which they will enjoy kale and leafy greens of all kinds over their voyage. if you’re interested we uploaded it here: http://www.yourgardenshow.com/latest

    it really gets your mind going on what is possible for not just the future of pollution, but the future of gardening!

  • http://www.realestate.com David de Rothschild

    You guys no nothing about our expedition

  • Pat Willcox

    This amzing voyage will end to-morrow hopefully 26th July 2010 when the “Plastiki “sails into Sydney Harbour. The craft is making it’s way down the NSW coast after leaving Byron Bay, they should receive a great welcome.

    What a voyage, I admire the crew, I know I could not have sailed in her.