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  • http://www.greenwala.com Justine

    I love examples like this where “trash” that still has useful life in it has been remade into something beautiful. Thank you for telling the stories about positive possibilities and “new” items that are created by people with a different way of looking at the world.

    Speaking of a new way of looking at things, how can we make it cool to buy less stuff in the first place? Instead of trying to fill our emptiness inside with things we buy at the mall, let’s create more community activities like Flash Mob Pillow Fights. If you support this idea, you might be interested in this blog about “Top 10 Things To Do Instead of Going to the Mall.”


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  • http://www.eco1start janeen swing

    I am writing you because I am developing a website called Eco1st Art.com and it will look like 1st Dibs.com. My inspiration is Jane Goodall, Ed Begley and Pierce Brosnan “who have endorsed us”to only present recycled art and objects at a very high end level. My clients would be the persons that shop at Asprey’s or Museums.

    Very candidly, I would like to present your work …..Please look at 1st dibs and let me know what you think.

    Thank you,


  • http://www.bloomandgrow.ie Hydroponics

    I love the Durex church :)

    Interesting comment on the church’s views about contraception.