• http://diysolarpower.org diy solar power

    awesome idea. this would be great to have at a music festival. what i like the most is the design, the pioneering wagon meets the future, would be a fun project to build

  • http://thepvcbikeguy.com thepvcbikeguy

    I also think this is a great concept, but why don’t thy also put out the design or info on how to build?

  • http://www.buildhomesolarpanel.com diy solar panels

    I’ve had fun building solar panels out of broken cells which then power my tv and fridge, but this is a totally new and innovative application on solar power. Kudos!

  • http://solarpowerdiy.info/ DIy Solar Power

    That is such an awesome DIY project, there would be a huge market for this kind of thing… nice work

  • http://www.diysolarpanels.net/ JR

    I LOVE THE IDEA. I ride all the time and build bikes but this would be great for friends without bikes and when on vacation and you don’t bring your bike….

  • Charles boggs

    yea love the little trailer . I am trying to add electric motor’s as an addition to my gas engine on a one ton work truck with a 20′ x6′ ladder rack that will be covered with solar panels .(looking for inexpensive panels ) in addition i have a large converted four horse trailer that i plane to cover also with panels to maintain battery charging as well as run tools on job site .also looking in to gas afier power to generate power. love the tent to wont to see more.

  • http://diy-home-solar-panels.blogspot.com diy home solar panels

    Like the idea and the design. But how heavy is that thing actually. Looks like those planks are not the most lightweight accessory.

  • Omarsalloum123

    how do you make it because i love to make a wooden trailer

  • Vincent

    I built a trailer like this with the battery weight in back. It lifted the bicycle’s rear wheel in an uneven corner and flipped the bike. Thankfully on a deserted street so the only losses were two wheels and a little skin.