• yosh hash

    About 15 years ago, there was a brief appearance of recycled tp in regular grocery stores. I grudgingly paid a higher price for it than regular, recognizing that even though it may have been a “cash grab”, I felt that it was important to encourage this direction. Then they just disappeared. If I could find any of these in a store, I would buy it. Walmart is the only store I recognize to be local (I’m in Canada)- I wish there was a similar guide for finding stores- not just the manufacturers- that sell it.

  • http://www.green-living-made-easy.com Kathy

    Thanks for the link to the guide. I’d like to see recycled TP readily available to everyone. It’s something that bothers me and I want to do the right thing – but it’s difficult with products like TP to consistently choose recycled when it’s not available in your area and in the stores where you regularly shop.

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  • http://www.bumboosa.com Sonja

    Unfortunately recycled content bathroom tissue contains BPAs. Why? Because when paper is recycled, thermal paper is also thrown in. Thermal paper is paper coated with plastic, as in credit card receipts.
    This is only a problem when you consider recycled content bathroom tissue is being flushed down the toilet, eventually contaminating ground water with build up of small amounts of plastic.

    I have one possible solution. I developed a new bathroom tisse made from (renewable and sustainable )bamboo non woven fibers. Please check it out. It is soft, smooth, breaks down quickly, bpa free, elemental chlorine free, and is packaged in a 100% recycled cardboard box. http://www.bumboosa.com We also plant a tree for every product sold and we are committed to alleviating the burden on trees, whether those trees are from ancient forests or managed tree farms.

  • sick of the hype

    BPA’s and BPS’s toxins are present in all recycled paper products. These are toxic chemicals and have been found to have estrogen-like effects on the body acting as an endocrine disruptor that interrupts the hormonal signals and has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, liver disease, thyroid dysfunction, obesity and birth defects. Do your research people! Its your body! Trees are not at risk as you all have been led to believe by hard core environmentalists, replanting and growth far surpass the use of these God given resources. Recycling of many products is DANGEROUS! and unhealthy. Its time for people to wake up and realize the most all this environmental panic is power, money and politically driven!