• http://wickedwitchoftheweb.blogspot.com RB

    What’s funny, is that when MSNBC reported on this, the headline was “Weird Fish Can Actually See Through Its Own Transparent Head.”

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

    @RB That headline is classic!

  • Peter Marquardt

    I would not be surprised if this was fake. The video in the original post shows very mechanical movements and the inside of the transparent head is glowing right where the eyes are? really? If anything I believe this is a 3D recreation of the fish, not the real thing.
    Convince me that it’s real.

  • Craig

    I knew it! I knew there’d be a guy–who knows absolutely nothing about marine biology–sooner or later come around and claim the ubiquitous “fake!” or “photoshopped!”

    • mojo

      i love u to

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  • billtedjimbob

    Fake!!!!! Photoshopped!!!!!!

    • oscar

      NO ITS NOT! G O S H !!!!!!!!

  • oscar

    oh, well i think it iz real

    • mojo

      like my penis

  • cheyenne

    woooooooooooooooooow!! that is the most interesting fih in the world! when i first saw it i thought it was fake! but now……………….. im doing my report in school in it!!!

  • Imy

    That looks really wierd, I want to see a real one. lol
    But I dont like seeing these comments saying it is photoshopped. I dont know why they are saying that. :S
    And this website is really nice! ^^

  • bob

    this is real because i caught one on a fishing trip

  • bob

    if u read this you are gay

  • hehe

    i lyk penis

  • mojo

    me too lol :l

  • mojojojo

    i think ur all hot

  • john

    i lov vagina

  • nyan

    69 . <3

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