• Bart Mitchell

    Very slick idea. He should market reusable sleeves. I bet he would make a killing.

  • z


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  • MRme

    interesting idea but what are you doing to keep from overcharging and killing the battery

  • Doug

    @ MRME

    “This type of charging arrangement is called a trickle charger and works by slowly charging the battery. They can be left charging in this way indefinately without over loading the battery. However, this is the slowest form of charging a battery.”

  • Uncle B

    A new product, soon to come manufactured in China,cheap enough for all to enjoy, complete with circuitry to prevent over-charge! Love it, batteries we never have to throw away! It will kill the disposable battery makers and may help us get off grid, a good thing, as the (GRD) great republican depression tightens our belts, and cuts down on our disposable incomes. We need more survival items like this to ensure some quality in our lives as the neo-cons, bankers, swindlers, shylocks and shysters have their way with our money. Good, renewable stuff, just love Solar energy!

  • Andrew

    But wouldn’t leaving the batteries out in the sun make them hot and likely to explode?

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  • Live

    so wat do u need to make it…?
    i’m doing a project on it….
    i think it doesn’t say….

  • http://emachinesamepagerdoluan80@yahoo.com Luan Do ( deaf )

    Type your comment here…

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  • Carlos

    I really like the concept. However, I think it might be inefficient. After all, no matter how you position your batteries, there will always be some part of the solar panel that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

  • Belle

    Hello,I have a question. So, after charging are you supposed to remove the solar cells? Or just leave it there?

  • Belle

    Another question, what material was it that you used for connecting the negative and positive poles to the solar cells? Is that copper or aluminum? Because it’s quite expensive to tear apart a DSLR.

    • JL

      To answer the questions posed…
      1) the batteries will never overcharge – solar cell wraps only provide a trickle of current – they may take a long time… uh, they WILL take a longer time than in any charger! – to recharge, but they won’t ever overcharge, even as-built. They also don’t need to be very efficient, as any sun on part of the surface will provide the right voltage at a trickle current rate sufficient to recharge the battery, even if half or more is shaded.

      2) they won’t heat up enough in the sun to be a problem, but you can move them into the shade for a few minutes before using them if they do get warm.

      3) you can leave the solar cell sleeves on forever, or switch them to new batteries when the old ones no longer take a charge. They are “wired” using simple copper foil and conducting paste pen traces, not soldering (!), so changing them over is easy enough. That copper foil also comes on rolls for “leading” stained glass, it has an adhesive on one side, but you can use the uncoated side for conducting electricity – I do! (No need to strip a DSLR!) These batteries are designed for projects and are slightly smaller than what we buy in the store, so they have no covering; all you need to complete them is the solar cell wrap (I don’t have a source, sorry), some copper foil traces (see above), conductive paste (comes in “pen” form), and adhesive to hole the solar cell wraps on – possibly a good clear tape would work too.

      Excellent idea, great project – I might have to try it myself – I use a lot of rechargeables!!

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