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    my friend just gave me a solar pannel, that can capture energy to 4 pc 2A battery, using USB hub to connect the battery and the pannel.

    if i need to recharge any electronics, just need to connect the electronic to the USB hub. suppose most of the phone, blackberry and i-pod sould work with this hub.

    i just recieved this “gift” yesterday so didn’t try if it works perfectly~!!

  • http://www.repurposeful.wordpress.com Cara

    I can’t tell you what a headache it is, purely from a household management standpoint, to have 5 different chargers floating around, not to mention the global waste this issue has caused. This is great news. Thanks for sharing.

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    I was woundering in case you had more resources on this subject

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    The Blackberry is the best gadget that i ever received as a gift from my best friend. It has nice features and the design looks very cool too.