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  • http://condo-blues.blogspot.com Condo Blues

    I made some for Christmas with peppermint candy I crushed in my blender. It must have gone over well because my Mom asked me last weekend, “sooo…have you made any more of that stuff you gave me?”

    • Ellen

      I found this recipe for Chocolate Body Scrub
      3 tablespoons cocoa powder
      1 cup brown sugar
      1 teaspoon vanilla oil or extract
      Olive oil as needed to make a paste – use a light variety. (I used Canola and it worked fine)
      Mix these together. Apply to moist skin, massage gently in a circular motion with fingertips, rinse with warm water.
      From http://www.bathandbodyrecipes.com
      I keep it in a container in the shower and I love it.

      • http://www.nonewplastic.com Melanie

        This sounds luxurious, but I just can’t imagine using good cocoa for anything that doesn’t end up in my mouth. Yummy! :)

      • Dana

        I added 2 drops of essential peppermint oil to the chocolate body scrub recipe and it smells like a thin mint! Put it into jars with some ribbon and a cute tag…christmas gifts done!

        • http://glueandglitter.com Becky Striepe

          Oh wow, that sounds so good! I bet your giftees love it!

  • http://greenupgrader.com/author/becky/ Becky Striepe

    Condo Blues – You’re a genius! Do you mind if I crib this idea at Christmastime? I think the ladies in my family would flip for some candy cane scrub! What sort of oil did you use? I love the coconut, but maybe something with less of a scent would be better for this?

  • http://greenupgrader.com/author/paula/ Paula Mitchell Bentley

    Candy cane scrub?! You’re not going to be the only one scooping up that idea! Definitely keep us posted as to what kind of oil would work best for this. Great ideas, keep ‘em coming.

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    • http://Website(optional) WiND

      Прикольно! Все бы так писали :)

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    Handmade soap products that are all made from 100% natural ingredients, we have a very large selection of soaps to meet your needs and mood, why not enjoy a relaxing bath with one of our jumbo bath bombs with that extra fizz. We can also supply gift baskets for those special occasions!

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  • Pingback: Craft Project Treat Yourself with Home Made Sugar Scrub | Uniform Stores

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  • http://thecrazysoaplady.com Dolphin B&B

    I just wanted to say thank you for such a great post. I’ll be visiting your blog again and adding you to my reader ! Thank you again :)

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  • tiff

    can you use oil that you would burn or no ?

    • http://glueandglitter.com Becky

      Do you mean for the essential oil? That should be fine, though I’d make sure your skin doesn’t react to the oil first….do a patch test before using the scrub all over, you know?

  • http://christinascrafts.com.au Faye

    Lovely product. And very simple to make too. I’ve seen some papercrafting materials at Christina’s Crafts. I think they will be useful for the wrapping. Thanks for sharing this.

  • schmetterling

    hi blog you good

  • http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/body+talk+la body talk

    I haved watched it on a tv and they say its really a good anti-oxidant..

  • http://www.bodytalkhealthsolutions.com bodytalk

    Brown sugar massage is relaxing and I also heared one of the benefits while getting relaxing effect is its also a antioxidant..

  • http://freemusicdepot.com/music/balkan-beat-box-%E2%80%93-blue-eyed-black-boy-2010/ Dayna Repass

    I do think polyunsaturated oils if ingested should be in very modest volume (like one teaspoon /day) and that taking virgin coconut oil is far better than significant amounts of polyunsaturated oil. Nevertheless I still favor using butter than virgin coconut oil because I still feel non-hydrogenated coconut oil is atherogenic. Look at these experiments: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online

  • http://the-best-colon-cleansers.blogspot.com Mose Bassham

    Detoxing programs have long been employed to help with countless health issues and disorders. Colon detoxification and colon hydrotherapy are a couple of of the most talked about detoxification therapies, and a lot of are very enthusiastic about these kinds of alternative remedies for increased energy, health and fitness.

  • lilly

    hi guys,

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

    I am starting my homemade tea business and I can’t seem to come up with any good packaging idea. I don’t want to use fancy dandy packaging. I want something simple, homemade but beautiful. Any suggestions?

    • http://apron-apron. awonkeydonkey

      A simple sealed plastic bag placed inside a small cloth bag that is tied closed. You could do a very rough or even a frayed edge. Tied with a ribbon or raffia something simple. Then as you find different fabrics you like you can change it up to suit your needs. People that order multiple times can get a little surprise to see the different cloths you use. These can then be reused for sachet bags. If you want to recycle using vintage fabrics can be cheap and very fun.

  • http://apron-apron.com A Wonkey Donkey

    I think a mint and sugar scrub would be divine. I love making these myself for 1/10 of the price I could by it at any store, and what great gifts for the holidays.

    • http://glueandglitter.com Becky Striepe

      That sounds delightful! Do you use regular mint leaves or mint essential oil? Oooh…or both!

  • http://bismillahwithlove.com Nicole T.

    I think that all of your ideas are absolutely wonderful.Have any of you tried making a Kaluah Coconut scrub? Its actually really nice. Use coffee grounds, brown sugar, coconut oil a drop of vanilla extract and the excitement begins!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

    • Becky Striepe

      Oh, my! That sounds good enough to eat, Nicole!

  • http://apron-apron.com A Wonkey Donkey

    I love to do this and give them gifts for Christmas. There are several site you can get great jars for cheap. Fun to make and fun to get.

  • http://www.bubblecove.com bathbombsite

    Homemade products are fantastic, on my site we sell handmade baths bombs and soap slices.

  • Hope

    I decided to try and sell the sugar scrubs that I gave been gifting but I have no clue how to price them. I already sold 5- 16oz jars @ $10 and one 8oz for $5 and I know that’s cheap. Is there some type of guideline that I can follow? I’m thinking about selling lip scrubs $2.50 depending on the siZe & body scrubs between $5 & $30. Any suggestions & tips?

  • http://www.atomicbath.co.uk/bathbombsblog/ Bath Bombs

    They look fantastic. I’ve just started making bath bombs myself. I may have to give your idea a go. Thanks.

  • http://georgiassoapbox.co.uk Gemma

    I am expanding my range at the moment I just sell handmade soap and bath bombs but I am wanting to get into scrubs as well so I will def give yours a try!

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