• http://greenupgrader.com/author/becky/ Becky Striepe

    Boo on Nike! $230 earth friendly shoes just feed the perception that living ecofriendly is out of reach for your average person.

  • http://ecospheric.blogspot.com Beth

    I totally agree Becky.

  • http://www.greengrounded.com Ashley Sue Allen

    That really upsets me a bit. I know that companies have to start somewhere, and usually somewhere small, on progressively getting greener, more energy efficient, and renewable, but really? Only a few select stores out of our entire nation get “limited edition” eco-sneakers? $230 each?

    I get the whole “23″ theme, which makes SOME sense, but this just perpetuates the elitest framework “eco”products are often spotlighted in.

    Boo… until they get at least one line out in ALL of their stores, I have issues. Shame on them.

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  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La-Z-Boy John

    I think $230 for shoes is just ridiculous. Just my opinion.