• http://www.OutdoorLightsandFurniture.com Julia

    Your product looks sensational! Wow. What a great idea. I know that I feel much better when there are living plants in the room. This kicks those boring old potted plants to the curb! The Green Wall could be nice on a deck or walled patio as well . . .

  • http://www.livingwallart.com Gavin

    That’s an interesting idea to have a the entire wall be made out of pots. DO you have to water each pot individually if you don’t have an irrigation system? I wonder how that works

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    Thank you for this site. The content is much better than most I have visited and I have found the TerraScreen Green Living Wall Interiors @greenUPGRADER information very helpful. Jo.

  • http://www.wallpapers123.com/ Jasmin

    This is really amazing. We need more greenery to neutral our daily stress.