• http://sweetsearch.com Barb

    What about presents for girls to give guys? Or am I just being a big feminist by thinking I have to give him something? That being said, anyone who wants to get me the Olive Cork necklace–I’m down.

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  • Doug Gunzelmann

    Hey Barb:

    Made some updates, check it out!

  • http://www.GreenGuruGear.com Green Guru

    Pretty good list, but not complete. There are lots of great things for guys to give girls. But not much for girls to give guys as so well pointed out by some other comments. So here it is, Green Guru Gear is the eco ultimate gear presents you can get him or her and know that each item helps the earth by reclaiming and recycling otherwise discarded materials into domestically made products. Gear like inner tube wallets, billboard bags, climbing rope bracelets, keychains, chalkbags, etc. Sorry for the shameless plug, definately worth being on the list. After all Green Upgrader has done some great blogging about the line a little ways back. Check it out, http://www.greengurugear.com. Happy Valentines day, enjoy a green one with your loved one.

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  • http://dublintraveler.org/ Daniel Andrews

    No doubts and hesitations that Valentines Day is a great day, I like it very much.

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  • http://www.traderlive-fx.com james

    Love it ..very thanks.

  • http://www.18upclub.com คลิปหลุดทางบ้าน

    Thank you very much! This works perfectly for my site, and I’ve made a few small changes that reflect it well.

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