• http://sweetorganicsandnaturals.com Sandra

    Wow…that is amazing…a bit too small for my family, but amazing none the less!

  • http://forcedgreen.com Linda

    Now that is what is needed. A green home kit! Probably could do it much less than $100K but hey! why not!

  • http://ecospheric.blogspot.com Beth

    I know, once you do the math, less than 1000 sq. feet is pretty close quarters…but still, for those of use who aren’t DIY minded, the convenience is great!

  • http://ecopractical.blogspot.com Esther Gregory

    Heh, it’s great and everything, but I just can’t help but feel like single family homes are inherently unsustainable. If you think about preserving wildlife and farmland interspersed throughout human communities you’d need human residences to be dense. And that means like apartments or condos. (I’m just waiting for an apartment building where the landlord doesn’t cut every possible corner…)

    I’d be interested to hear what other people think about the house vs. apartment/condo issue in terms of environmentalism…

  • http://ecospheric.blogspot.com Beth

    Really good point Esther….perhaps the ability to quickly construct small, efficient communities of these houses, or to connect several, is a more sustainable way to put it to use… Readers?

  • Amanda

    If you just want a small efficient house, I think Tumble Weed homes give more options and use space more efficiently: http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/. However, they aren’t sold as a kit (only as blue prints), and they don’t include the solar panels.

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  • John Cooper

    Nice home and afordible price!!!

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