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  • Scotty

    Anyone who has EVER thought this was real is…

    Not very aware?

    Kittens as bait…

    Hilarious video….as for a scam…
    This site is more of a scam. than this video. About Kittens. and scamming.

  • http://www.animaldanger.com Dangerous Animals

    awww, drat. the video is no longer available :( anywhere else to go to see it?

    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      I updated the video, thanks for the heads up.

  • checkyoursources
    • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

      Yes, I am aware of that story. It is a terrible thing that happened, however, it does not validate this scam. Many scams are based on an actual event.

      • aly

        yeah, off of france they use stray dogs and cats, not exactly kittens but, really, THAT has got to stop, use chum, not animals

  • Zippocat

    if you don’t believe that real people out there never used cats or kittens as fishing bait for large sharks or marlins, you are dillusional

  • http://ÿþH Abused Johnny

    Good morning, I don’t agree with everything in this write-up, but you do make some very good points. I’m very interested in this matter and I myself do alot of research as well. Either way it was a well thoughtout and nice read so I figured I would leave you a comment.

  • http://www.lostpetsillinois.org Angela

    Unfortunately it is true.This video may be a scam, but the practice does happen.

    I volunteer for a feral cat rescue group in Illinois and they received a kitten this past summer that was one of three rescued from people who were cutting them up and using for fish bait. And these people were fishing in the Fox River no less, just sitting under a bridge along the shore.

    No marlin involved , just Carp.

    I was horrified when I heard about it, and I am still horrified.

  • luke

    It actually is done… I’m not sure about for shark but its done alot when musky fishing

  • http://www.solwayrecycling.co.uk Solway Recycling

    Do you own due dilegence with everything guys. Thebuck stops wiith yourself if you don’t take reasonable steps to make sure you dollar is going to go to a reputable source then it ain’t.

  • Deb from Oz

    Unfortunately this video might be a scam, but this is actually happening.
    I had never heard of using kittens as bait until standing looking in a pet shop window last week. In a shopping centre near Melbourne in Victoria Australia I overheard two men talking.
    One said he used 8 kittens and caught two sharks.
    I really thought I had misheard him, but after searching the internet I am shocked to find it is true.
    How much lower can so called humans go than using animals as bait for fishing?
    Words really do fail me, that grown men can resort to using a live kitten or any other animal just to fish. I hope I never come across these type of barbarians again.

    • Mike 0rtloff

      I used to use live crickets, locusts & frogs when I was like 10. They do the same thing to birds & lizards (okay, chickens & alligators) in the American South all the time. With Santeria & all the other weird cults being allowed to torture animals to death for their religious rituals, it’s no big surprise that some other freak uses kittens, baby monkeys or even infants as bait. Just because someone who likes torturing small animals isn’t a serial killer YET doesn’t mean hey get a pass – anyone who commits that kind of inhumanity deserves close INSTITUTIONAL observation…

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  • leah
  • leah
  • VibekeHansen

    danich : verden er bleven så ond mod dyr– håber at hjertet en dag vender om mod den gode side— dette skal stoppes— jeg elsker katte og alle andre dyr.—- hunde bliver også misbrugt til fiskning– de bliver sat på en lille flåde–til hajerne kommer– derefter bliver der skåret finne af— fandens en ondskabsful verden :-( (((((((

  • Ammar Hasan

    What a great idea, I have to start something like this and pocket cash!

    • peggy

      you have really no heart in your place I would not be proud …!

  • repellant

    Meanwhile… in Korea…

  • http://www.guardiansofthesea.es Yo Mismo

    It is a common, yet illegal practice for shark fishing on the french island la reunion. Sadly, some scammers always try to get their money out of these things happening :(