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    If you want to, you could add some essential oils to your coconut oil for a fragrant and therapeutic moisturizer. Different plant essential oils also have different therapeutic and medicinal properties. Adding some lavender essential oil would work even better on those sunburns.

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    I’ve never tried coconut oil because I despise coconut. I can’t even stand the smell. But I’ll try it. My hair is a bleached out and grey wreck.

    My husband and I keep a squeeze bottle of cheap grocery store extra-virgin olive oil in our bathroom and we rub it all over our skin when we get out of the shower, before we towel off. It’s awesome, smells good, and it attracts one of our cats who licks our oily legs and feet and therefore makes her hair shiny.

    I also wear a lot of makeup on weekends because I perform as Dr. Frank n Furter in a Rocky Horror cast and have found that the only thing that gets the massive amounts of eyeliner off without hurting my eyes is a cotton ball soaked with jojoba oil (it will blur your vision for an hour or so–don’t wear contacts!).

    I’m also fond of cocoa butter and shea butter.

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    A good post, and a good suggestion about coconut oil. The other aspect people should consider is the source of ingredients in the products they use. For example palm oil is used in many many skincare products (both natural and non-natural products). Yet most palm oil comes from huge plantations created by massive destruction of the rainforest in Malaysia and Indonesia – which is destroying the habitat for the orangutan and other species as well taking away the green lungs of the earth.

    There are other more sustainable sources of palm oil, that are certified as sustainable. This information is not always easy to find, but a little research can help you make a difference. Voting with your wallet when it comes to choice of products (and how they are made) is a very powerful way for change.