At Last, a Greener Idea in Clothes Drying

3 by John Platt

Little known fact: there is no ENERGY STAR rating for energy-efficient clothes dryers. That's because they really don't exist. Until... now?

Later this year, Hydromatic Technologies Corporation will introduce their new DryerMiser technology which promises to cut the energy use of clothes drying in half.

How will they achieve this amazing feat? Their new technology doesn't rely on natural gas or electricity-heated elements to dry clothes. Instead, they heat a specially formulated liquid which holds heat longer and uses much less energy.

According to HTC, "The heated air is then blown into the dryer’s drum. The result is a safer, highly energy efficient dryer, that dries faster than any other brand available on the market – up to 41% faster!"

This technology isn't too far from the market, and just earned approval by Underwriters Laborabory after product safety testing.

DryerMiser will first be available as a $300 conversion kit, which could be installed by an electrician or service provider "in about an hour." The company hopes to further license the technology to dryer manufacturers so it will come pre-installed.

Clothes dryers are reportedly the second-most energy-intensive devices in the average home, so it's nice to see someone trying something new. Of course, we could always go back to the clothes line. That's pretty green too.

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  • chandru

    Yeah, and I got a rubber gizmo that’ll double your car’s gas mileage if you wear it on your neck.

    How can you possibly believe this? Heat is converted from electricity at 100% efficiency or from gas at 80-90%. There’s NOTHING that can improve that (well maybe gas to 95%, but that’s practically no improvement).There’s NO way for any external element that’s heated (how? don’t you have to use the same energy to do that?) can improve efficiency…it violates basic physics.

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  • http://na Milan

    re: Chandru

    I checked into the patents, Etc.. It’s technology does make great sense does not violate basic principles in physics and I would assume it will work big time. I hope get one pre installed when they come out..