• http://GlobalPatriot.com Global Patriot

    While not the size that most of us would like to live in all the time, it does make sense for a short stay, detached office or vacation home, even a reading room or meditation center – and the energy efficiency is ideal.

  • http://preparedforsurvival.blogspot.com Clothdiapermama

    I love this !! It is so cute and the design is awesome . I want one.

  • Andy

    Is there a bathroom?

  • http://www.urbansurvivalists.com crackgerbal

    there are homes similar to this in portland. Very small, but good for a single person dwelling. They are better than getting an apartment.

  • http://lemelon.com LeMelon

    If/when I’m rich, I’m going to have a couple of those in my garden!

    Any info about toilets and energy storage? Do the solar panels come with it?

  • http://naturalpapa.com Derek Markham

    I think you’re on your own with installing a toilet, but there are some really good composting toilets on the market right now.

    The solar panels are also up to you to buy and install.

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  • doug kirk

    I have visited the Solargon manufacturing plant in Loveland Colorado. These homes have an octogon shape and feel big inside for the square footage. They can be linked together to get more living area. Great homes!

  • http://greenontherock.blogspot.com Shiny Green Pennie

    This would be fabulous for all the weekend recreationalists in our area – a fantastic “getaway” home. The area hunters and ATVers could redeem themselves environmentally by putting up one of these :-)

  • Alice Grange

    Hello Crackgerbal or anyone else who can help,

    Can you put me in touch with the homes in Portland. I live in BC and am most interested in these homes. Is there another manufacturer besides the one in Colorado. Oregon is much closer!

    Thanks, for the info
    alicegrange at yahoo.ca

  • http://greenbuildingideas.info Kyanisunrise

    This is what are people in our poor economy need to go to.

  • Katelyn

    this is so kool…but is there a bed room and others things then that!!!

  • http://trulycustom,com Karen

    This is a great concept. My company builds these types of houses using the SIPS panels too. But, we build any configuration that you want. We come to your property and erect the structure as part of the package. We use the steel-skinned (galvalume) SIPS instead of the OSB clad panels. We build everything from large custom homes to teeny, tiny houses. Check out our web site at http://www.trulycustom.com.

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  • crocodileboy

    This seems like a great idea for restbite. Sometimes my kids can drive me up the wall. It would be nice to get away from it all for a few days.

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  • Lauren@GreenGlobalTravel

    What a great little house that could be set up anywhere. Thanks for sharing!