The State of Green Business: How Corporate America Measures Up

0 by Samantha Tackeff is holding their State of Green Business Forum on February 2nd in San Francisco. There are just a few spots left to register, but if you can't make it or are living out of the Bay Area, they will be rolling out their 'State of Green Business Annual Report' on the same day, downloadable here on the 2nd.

Why read this report? As consumers and citizens, we should do as much as we can to educate ourselves. As a Green Blogger, passionate about sustainability and the environment, I read as much as possible to keep myself updated. The field is constantly changing, and I'm always learning something new. I find reports like this one particularly useful because they gather and organize a lot of information in one place.

Reducing our impact on climate change requires a collective effort. Individuals must certainly play their part, but to both solve climate change and promote global sustainability it is necessary not just to work with citizens, non-profits, and governments, but to leverage the business community as well.

Corporate America has to do their part.

In their comprehensive report, GreenBiz has developed a set of indicators to measure corporate progress: "tracking the resource use, emissions, and business practices of U.S. companies: carbon, materials, energy, and toxics intensity, clean-tech investments, e-waste recovery, paper use, employee commuting, and more."

By learning about which corporate practices are better for the environment, we can help to bring change to those corporations that are lagging behind. Our loudest voice is with our dollars, and by keeping ourselves informed, we can make the right choices to reward those that do the most to reduce environmental impact.

Keep posted for more information; I'll be blogging from the conference.

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