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    These are crazy! Maybe I’ll try this with my old mattress.

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  • http://www.beds.sg Bob

    I sell mattress in Singapore, we do face a lot of problems with the disposal of old mattress.

    It is bulky and some of the branded mattress are really hard to tear apart. I have never in my life though that mattress could be recycled this way.

    This is super cool! Well done!!

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  • http://www.premierfurnitureltd.co.uk/ Sandy

    job well done..

  • http://www.flexsteeldirect.com Flexsteel Furniture

    Very interesting I could not figure out what these pieces were until I realized they were old mattress materials! Very good concept and actually pretty stylish design.

  • Sofia

    This is a really neat idea!! I’ve never seen anything like it before. You must have a great imagination!!

  • http://www.sitefind.org/Shopping/Furniture/ glenda

    Very interesting furniture concept.Are they sanitized first? Way to recycle, very cool!

  • http://www.simmonsbeautyrest.net simmons beautyrest

    That is a lot of creativity, thank you for sharing, nice images.
    simmons beautyrest

  • http://www.backtobed.com devin@ Back to Bed – Mattress Stores

    I wouldn’t say that no one wants to use old mattresses. On the contrary, I would estimate that we get back 60% of customer’s old mattresses. Nearly all of those are sent to used mattress retailers, then recyclers. So most of what we get back is actually resold.

    I would definitely recommend that when you buy a new mattress, DON’T THROW IT AWAY. Arrange for the company to take it back.

    It is such a waste. A lot of those used beds are worth $$$ and you’re just adding to the land-fill.

  • http://novaformeliteisotonicmemoryfoammattresstopper.com nova form elite isotonic memory foam mattress topper

    Very unique. Thank you for keeping our planet GREEN.

  • http://www.bestmattressreviews.com Zach Smith

    With a spark of creativity, you can really do a lot of ingenious things. This is a huge help to our environment considering the years it will take for an average mattress to decompose (which is billions of years, by the way). You can also do pillows and art pieces with mattress materials. But the good news is, there are now eco-friendly mattresses that can be recycled easily and can decompose quickly. The next time you buy a mattress, think about how it is going to affect our nature once you discard it.

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    Interesting… Have you published anything dealing with the memory foam or latex bedding yet?

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    Have you over heard anything well worth looking through about the most recent foam/latex mattresses?

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    Thanks a lot for the valuable information provided.

    mattress cover

  • small

    That red chair would look great in my office. You have so many nice things on your site. I think I will be getting a couple things so far.

  • http://www.memoryfoammattresscover.net/ mattress cover

    OMG the second one is adorable.! Totally cute. Sadly disposable of old mattresses is a problem everywhere. Thanks for sharing these cute pics, btw.

  • crazysony

    Congratulations for this unique and amazing idea!This is exactly what I need for my Office relocation.This furniture is perfect and my clients would feel comfortable.As a manager I spend a lot of time at the office and it is very important for me to feel comfortable.

  • http://googleiK5j.com SALVADOR

    Hey thanks! Really great article, really enjoyed it!

  • http://googlesdEO.com WALTON

    I agree with you on this, really. Haven’t met too many peopel who think the same way!