• http://www.funfluster.com Extreme Funny

    nice designs

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  • http://www.twilightearth.com Adam Shake

    I would love to do this, and I have the perfect room for it. Maybe put out a call out on craigs list for leather belts.

    What an a cool idea. Thanks!

    Keep up the good fight and Alter the Eco dude!

  • http://www.facebook.com Gene

    How does this product wear? How do you clean it? Does the stain it takes to make the product come up? I love how it looks but does the labor intensive nature offset feasibility for larger rooms?

  • http://www.underwearfreebies.com/2009/01/discount-on-sports-underwear/ Diane

    A fabulous idea – it looks very nice! I can imagine it’d be nice to walk on! How long to collect all those belts though?

    I had a crazy idea about flooring a bathroom with pennies and then varnishing them over.I worked out how much it’d cost though, and then there’s be the decision of whether to get shiny new pennies or old ones of different colours. In the end I didn’t do it, but I wished I had! The ultimate flooring for a room in which you spend a penny!

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt Embrey

    @Gene – Great questions. I’ll see if I can dig up some answers.

    @Diane – That would be a very cool idea. How much did you figure it would end up costing? How bigs your bathroom?

  • http://jamidwyer.stumbleupon.com/ jamidwyer

    as creativity, this is fine, interesting even. as ecology, i’m not so sure. re-purposing is not always the greenest use for a thing. i mean, what happened to all the buckles? is it really sustainable, or is it just taking all the inoffensive belts out of the thrift shops so poor people (like me!) are left with the 5-inch-wide solid gold sequin numbers they always seem to have? there’s a place for sequins, too, but why not re-use nice blacks belts as, well, belts for people who need belts?

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt


    Good points. The most sustainable option would be to use all belts that were rescued from the landfill, but in most cases that is not likely to happen. Creative re-purposing of anything definitely runs the risk of taking those items out of circulation as they were originally intended.

    The value here lies in the creativity. Projects like these inspire people and get them talking and thinking about the idea of reuse. It also encourages people to think outside the box about there possessions. Ultimately, if this inspired everyone to scour thrift shops for nice looking belts to use as flooring, then the end result would probably be negative. I think it is more likely that what people will take away from this is the idea that they don’t have to go to home depot and order pirgo flooring, that by being creative they can reuse something that’s already been made and get a floor with more character.

  • http://greenupgrader.com Matt


    I forgot to mention, here’s an interesting article about something that could threaten thrift shops: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-thrift2-2009jan02,0,2083247.story

  • Bill Dongo

    I love how recycled products like these always cost quadruple the norm. How is someone with a modest 1000 sf home going to drop 75K on re-flooring their home with belts? It’s just not an option. Not realistic. The only people who could afford these floors would probably never buy them bc they seem “low quality”

    Nice idea. But not practical.

    P.S. Those of you interested in using this flooring, forget about using them in the kitchen or bathroom. Leather+water= not so cool.

  • Melissa

    Except leather belts with no grommets fall apart when you wear them…

  • Roona99

    fantastic! Good to see a bit of creativity and recycling!

  • http://www.coolerchoice.com coolerchoice

    nice design nice idea

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  • a person who hates this idea

    uhhh….this looks cool, but is NOT CHEAP IN ANY WAY, it says in the text that it is cheap….if 75 dollars a square foot is cheap then what is this world coming to???…..anyway you could buy a beautiful floor that could take all the beating you throw at it, it would last a LONG time, for around 10 dollars a square foot, clearly a better deal, old used belts, or beautiful flooring…I would choose beautiful high quality flooring.

  • http://greenupgrader.com Doug Gunzelmann

    @ A person who hates this idea

    Recycled flooring can be cheap, check out the post linked to in that particular sentence.

    Personally I find this flooring gorgeous, I understand that’s a subjective point.

    The price reflects a hand crafted, unique piece of work. Not suitable perhaps for everyone’s needs, but arguably worth its cost none the less.

    I am unaware of this floor’s lack of durability. That’s a point I check in with the manufacturer about.

    As far as other value added by this project see some of Matt’s comments above, he makes some good points.

  • calico

    stupid idea:

    take belts and glue them onto LEATHER, presumably new leather. Leather is one of the most un-sustainable products to use on a floor. Who thought this one up?

    I would not consider it green.

    Its not affordable.

    What’s the point??? There are already good uses for old industrial belts such using as-is as horse stall liners.

  • calico

    Edited to follow up: I just noticed the belts are leather, not rubber. My bad.

    So it is a good re-use of old clothes belts. But how can it be durable, and I still object to them using new leather as backing.

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  • http://www.gogreentube.com beth

    WOW- they are so nice, and really well priced.

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  • http://gabrielgadfly.com Gabriel Gadfly

    This would look really good in something like a reading study.

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  • http://www.leatherfurniturecenter.com Flexsteel Leather Guy

    Wow is the first impression i’m sure anyone has with the leather being used in such a way! I wonder how this feels I would love to see this in a higher end clothing store or in a closet of mine

  • http://www.solartronenergy.com/ solar

    Not so sure as to usability and effects on replacement, cleaning, etc… “Green” for the sake of saying so is no such thing.

  • http://www.luxury-leather.com/ Leather Directory

    Jusr recently I found out about this sort of stuff..that is leather belt flooring…and they look amazing…and provide a certain warmth when seen..but as far as the price goes I think you can find it below $75..I believe I heard the price starts at $70 sq. f. …but even that was bit too much for me so I started doing it myself..and I gotta say once you get the hang of it..it isn’t too hard..plus if you have a place you can get cheap leather belts..you can cut the price almost in half—I know that’s still a lot of money…but it’s a lot less then when you hiring someone else to do it…

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